Friday, March 25, 2005

dasyatnye prasyat

Below is an emel forwarded by a friend, couple of days ago..

Subject : [Fwd: Identify Stesyen Shell menipu.]

--- x wrote:
> * > >
> > >meter no 3 & 7 takde.
> > >
> > > Ni adalah pengalaman kengkawan....
> > >I dah cuba kat stesyen shell di Taming Jaya
> Balakong. Memang nombornya melompat macam sahabat
> kita tu kata. Terfikir pula kalau masukkan minyak
> > >sebanyak RM60. Berapa banyaklah taukeh itu
> untung. Mungkin orang yang cipta
> > >mesin tu tak tahu baca nombor 3 dan 7 kot.
> > >Cubalah bertukar kat Petronas.
> > >Stesyen Shell Menipu.
> > >Sekiranya anda menuang minyak, sila perhatikan
> nombor liter di pam itu.
> > >Biasa pengiraannya 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 tetapi di
> sesetengah pam minyak shell melompot iaitu
> 1,2,4,5,6,8,9,0. Maknanya kita kerugian sebanyak 0.2
> > >sen seliter. Kalau kita menuang sebanyak RM10.00,
> berapa banyak yang kita
> > >rugi? Duit tu......
> > >So.... Hati-hati ketika memilih Stesyen minyak
> shell. Saya dah terkena di
> > >Stesyen Minyak Shell Sg. Besi ke selatan (selepas
> tol) dan Highway berdekatan Bandar Tun Razak (Jln ke
> Federal Highway).
> > >Harap maklum.

I've just read da emel tis morning.. n perasaan mmg membuak2 nak sekeh mamat yg tulis emel ni.. ikut sedap rase dia je nak kluarkan emel camni.. common laa!! use your noodle man.. if u pump 10 ringgit worth of fuel.. darab je laa total liter dgn ringgit per liter.. bukannye susah sgt nak check.. n if da accusation is true, why don't you report it to da ministry, or kalau malas sgt report je kat hotline Malay Mail. Make it OFFICIAL!

I don't usually care two hoots bout emel like tis.. bcse its not from a reliable source - PERIOD. but since i've learned from da papers that the false accusation via emel n sms on Hotdogs are affecting their business.. i can't help but to feel sorry for them..

most of the hotdog manufacturers are well established with big capital.. they could withhold a minor glitch in their orders.. but for petrol kiosks.. they are privately operated by an individual.. so if emel like tis keep spreading.. no matter how big or small da company is.. it will affect them to some extend.. da ppl there are working cari rezeki halal n they do have a family to support.. how would you feel if ppl are attacking your source of income!!

I can ramble on n on.. but i guess i draw da line n stop here.. org prasyat (dengki) camni mmg x guna seduit.. won't waste more of ma time on tis.. Shit man i'm really pissed off!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

dasyatnye roadshow Ganu

Phew.. juz got back from Kuala Terengganu.. n wow! da weather sure is hot up ther.. lucky thers a lot of icy treats to cool us down.. alhamdullilah.. our presentation agenda went as planned.. us here includes ma bos (filzah), pn suriya, izhar n meself..

but there are few incidents started from day one, whereby ma bos mistakenly checked-in her Penang flight scheduled for next wk instead of todays flight to tganu.. not realizing da erroor we followed her to da gate written on on boarding pass that she was holding.. upon reaching da gate.. only then we realised she had checked da wrong ticket.. guess what? i hav to sprint from one end from gate A5 to gate B5.. which is on the other side of da airport whilst chugging around a 3 kg notebook batu.. luckily we reached da gate in time n we were da last passenger to be on board.. :P

Arrival in terengganu is with a bang!.. and mean it litterally.. da pilot must hav appoached for landing too fast n a bit high.. where he had to drop da plane on da runaway.. which resulted in da rough landing n loud banging sound.. to illustrate da severity further.. even da overhead compartment where i put da notebook batu opened on impact.. n i was ready to release ma seat belt in anticipation of da nb falling on a innocent passenger.. sure bengkok kepale kalu jatuh tu.. but luckily it stay in da compartment..

first day we had en Zahid as our tour guide.. brought us for lunch.. shopping at pasar kedai payang (where i bought lots of keropok kering..) n dinner at night.. below are some photos in da sequence of events..

having seafood somewhere a mile southbound of marang.. ma bos Cik Filzah.. n Zahid our tour guide for da day..

Pn Suriya havin a sip of orange juice.. although we did not go to Gelas Besar at seberang takir.. da mug she's drinkin out of now is quite big also..

Batu Buruk beach (left) juz at da break of dawn from ma hotel balcony

Izhar (right).. da japanase dude slow on on da morning grub as thers no ramen served for breakfast at our hotel..

Telekom Training College aka TTC Marang.. brings back nice memories as ma induction program was held here for a month.. about 200 plus of us were enrolled under the MTP program.. photo was actually taken from the hostel which i stayed.. notice pulau kapas in da horizon..

appart from da view of pulau kapas.. of course we would never forget da tasty keropok leko hot from da kuali n da refreshing ais kachang sold in front of da TTC.. believe it or not.. da ais kachang is only 50 cents.. we had 2 plates of leko n 2 bowls of abc.. n only costs.. RM2.50..

mini cucumber (left).. only available in eastern and northern region of our country..

lada putih or lada jepun (right).. they call it.. also available only in this part of the region.. bought both some of each the chili and mini cucumber for ulam.. nyum..

2nd day after da presentation Tini kecik took us for lunch.. n back on more by popular demand.. to pasar kedai payang for last minute shopping/exchange.. an hour or so.. we then headed towards da airport but with a quick pitstop at longsong for fresh keropok leko.. (Len.. bought some 4u also..) thanks tini for da trouble.. call me whenever u're in KL for lunch or something.. same goes for en Zahid :)

actually it has been 3 years since last i've been in Terengganu.. n i might say that.. da longer i dont visit.. da more i feel attached to this colourful state.. these 2 days had bring me back to remind da wonderful memories n it is safe to say that i've cultivated a soft spot for this state called terengganu..

Sunday, March 20, 2005

dasyatnye Bakerzin..

td i was in da vercinity of bangsar n decided to dropby at Bangsar Village to buy ma supplies.. settle smua.. perut pon lapa.. don know wat 2 eat.. i've decided to try Bakerzin.. ade dekat koner blakang supermarket.. there were 3 of us..

we sat down.. n da waitress came n gives us da menu (menu dia cam mini megazine.. with da quality paper, print n binding.. cume harge jek xde kat kaver).. flipping thru da menu.. dah terliur dah tgk smuanye sedap2.. anyhow we ordered n da pasta i ordered.. 2 me is superb.. tp satu je laa nak komen.. harge in da menu mostly u will c is priced at RM19.00.. tgk spekgethi. 19 inggit.. sandwish 19 inggit.. desert pe ntah. 19 inggit.. pasta yg i makan pon arge dia RM19.00..

So.. we've decided to call da shop "kedai 19 ringgit" (sebutan lograt utara').. anyhow they do serve lunch from 12noon to 2 pm, mon - friday for only RM13.. with 1 main dish, desert n coffee.. x bad at all the price.. so if u decide to hav a go 4 lunch.. count me in.. :)

this is some review i've stumble upon.. if ya wanna know more bout da shop..

dasyatnye nak update..

eey.. sori laa Len.. mmg x sempat laa nak update.. blogging ni nak kena dijadikan habit baru jadi.. insyaAllah will try ma very best to update as frequent as posibble.. but if u notice.. i update blog mmg a'awal pagi je.. well tis is da only time yg i ade.. kirenye x buat pape dah.. so pepaham je laa time2 gini.. idea bernas x kluar pon sbb ngantuk nyer psal.. anyhow.. baru abis pack baju tmrw ade morning flight to catch.. goin to Terenganu for ma product roadshow.. anayhow cya nx wk.. insyaAllah will bring back kropok 4 evryone :)

Friday, March 11, 2005

dasyatnye Liverpool won!

m not really a Liverpool fan.. as a matter of fact i don't have what we would normally call "team aku".. hehe.. juz would like to share this story though, about a fren of mine Ja'a.. he's a die hard fan of Liverpool since he can remember..

sometimes i would join da guys to watch liverpool matches on big screen at syed.. among us, Ja'a was da only Liverpool fan.. and if you been following the team's progress for the past month.. it is clearly that luck wasn't on their side eventhough they played well.. everytime his team lost.. da guys would tease him.. sometimes he would avoid us for days..

tension was amounting and his hopes were high on the recently Carling Cup match between Chelsea n Liverpool.. below is da story...

few days before da game at an undisclosed location ..

Ja’a: kL..jom laa join kitaorg tgk bola malam ahad ni..
kL : sori laa.. aku tak ble join.. match tu lewat sgt.. esoknya ada presentation..
Ja’a: alaa.. ko jgn risau laa kL.. aku ble antar ko balik sampai RUMAH lepas match...

Obviously i didn’t join.. but da following dialogue was obtained from a reliable source..

During Liverpool’s 1st goal…

Ja’a: Gooooooaaaaallllll… yesh.. yesh.. (ni aku tambah2 je ni).. Japp.. Badi aku dah habis.. Liverpool score.. ble menang ni (ni betul.. aku x tambah)..
Japp: (smiled)

our fren was exited as no goals were scored till towards da end of 2nd half... Chelsea scored da equalizer... followed by a landslide of goals after that.. each n every time Chelsea scored..

Sharul: Gooooooaaaallll… (franticly waving both arms in font of Ja’a n making faces)..

eventhough Livelrpool scored another.. in da end Liverpool lost to Chelsea 3-2.. You could imagine how our friend’s face looks like.. n da teasing begins..

Japp/Sharul: weh.. Ja’a lepak laa dulu kita tgk penyampaian hadiah.. minum jg takut.. aku ble support..
Ja’a: isk korang ni.. ko ble laa sambung tgk rumah ko dekat.. rumah aku jauh...
Japp: nasib baik kL tak ikut.. kalu tak.. tak balik RUMAH laa diatu..
Ja'a: Yela2... (n he went back home earlier than the others)

now its been a few week we've didn't see him.. but bukan sbb merajuk... outstation daa... anyhow.. congrats Ja'a.. team ko menang arini.. beat Leverkusen 3-1.. tapi aku x rase badi ko abis lagi.. ni mungkin sbb ko tak gi tgk match ni dgn kitaorg je Liverpool menang.. hahaha :)

Thursday, March 10, 2005 up n operational

Wohoo.. Jam dah dekat kol 2 pagi.. mata aku dah layu.. tp atas desakan pembimbing rakan sebaya.. Alhamdulillah akhirnya.. up jugak blog aku ni.. actually dah lame aku register cuma tak pernah post anything..

today.. takde pape nak cite sbb dah ngantuk n tag-board buat lawak tadi.. puas laa aku study script html ni.. ingatkan ade problem sbb kluar error msg
"Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in/home/httpd/ on line 148"
nasib baik teringat nak check kat site blog org lain.. last2 rupenye aku dpt tau tag-board mmg down.. kalu tak.. tak tido laa aku sbb tak puas ati nye psal.. hehe..

esok insyaAllah.. sambung sket lagi.. gud morning.. zzZZZ