Friday, February 29, 2008

Munching on my expense..

Help!!! Pesky white ants is chewing on my Lego Chess Set! I quote back from my previous posting on LHDN:

In the process of retrieving my income tax file, I've discovered that my wardrobe has been attacked by termites!! #$@%^%^%!!! got to clean that mess also.

Well that is not the whole story.. a month prior to that incident, I have to clean my storage boxes on top of my wardrobe which the critters is happily munching (sorry no photos on that). I had 2 laden black garbage bags filled from that occasion alone.

Then a week after the LHDN discovery, I found out that they are also eating my wardrobe cabinet. I accidentally discovered it while cleaning the white ant trail whereby when I stepped on the flooring it just gave in. See the photos below, of what I had to cope with..

The whole flooring crumbled like cream crackers.. Being an Ikea product, I can just buy a new flooring to replace it. However, as I am typing this entry; I can hear them now munching on the side panels. Nothing can be done but be ready to clean the mess they leave behind.

Normal mosquito spray and the solution used by professional exterminators doesn't seem to have any effect. Still looking for an alternative solution for the whole house.

From my numerous encounters I can share that the white ants:

1. Prefer to munch on brown boxes (non-bleached type), so better buy the pretty white boxes with laminated surface which is slightly expensive

2. Same goes for books, they prefer the brown paperback books than the heavy bleached magazine papers

3. For now they are are chewing on cheap board, my pine wood shelving still untouched (fingers crossed)

4. Don't keep magazine, books or boxes on the floor.. they will start to eat it if item not moved for sometime.

Hopefully this list could help you guys to curb unpleasant infestation.. my advice is for you to check as much as you can if you know your neighborhood has a white ant colony.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

If you want to know the truth..

You think your partner is cheating on you... you know the one who is stealing the office supplies... you know who broke the car windows.. but you just can't prove or it won't work by merely direct confrontation...

Well my friends... there is another way to find out the truth from someone without beating the crap out of them... no more lies.. no more worries.. no more sleepless nights.. behold.. the GOOD drink of them all..

Honest Tea!!! The drink that brings out the honesty in you. Now everyone can be a saint :)

Note : Politicians should steer away from this drink.

LHDN : "Money Back within a Month"

Remember a couple of weeks back, when there were lots of adverts in the newspaper on improving the public service by the government? Amongst them are by the Immigration Department on passport renewal within 1 hour, new passport in 1 day and Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri on money back within one month for excess tax payment.

One fine day when I came back from work, I saw an envelope from LHDN. I was happy to see it as imagined it was the cheque for the sum that they owed me, just like in the papers. Suprise.. surprise.. its not a cheque as I expected but JA statement requesting me to pay more taxes for the year 2004, 2005 & 2007 (RM 4 figures). What the #@%$&%$#!!!

Lucky I have all my documentations & receipts straight, as my record goes; I had paid all my taxes and there were excess for the year 2006 which I haven't received a refund. In the process of retrieving my income tax file, I've discovered that my wardrobe has been attacked by termites!! #$@%^%^%!!! got to clean that mess also.

Anyways.. I had to take leave to rectify this with LHDN before I got penalty for late payment. It was a half day affair, having it checked at a branch near my home; I discovered that the tax amount requested was on my bonuses for the years mentioned. However the officer did recalculate and gave me a new sum with deductions of my excess amounts which lowers it down to only RM 3 figures.

The office then informed that; I have the option to deduct the sum from my salary for x number of months. However I choose to pay the sum in full. Can I pay at this branch? No, this branch doesn't accept payment, however can pay at the bank behind this LHDN brach. Payment direct to LHDN can only be made at Jalan Duta Main Office.

I chose to pay at LHDN Jalan Duta on the same day as; I was on leave and since they took a few years to calculate my tax, I couldn't imagine how many months it would take to update my payment from the bank. Remembering back now on what the LHDN officer told me at the counter;
"payment through banks will take 2-3 days to update, however keep your payment-slip for reference"
Not so assuring and one might think that it will not be updated at all from this statement :P Apart from from this, I do would like to note that our LHDN officers are very helpful, friendly and seems sincere in wanting to help during my dealings. To that I thank them :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 Has Its Own Domain

Since domain names nowadays are getting cheaper, I've decided to get one for my blog. It is also to commemorate this blog's comeback after being inactive for nearly a year. At the current moment I'm still using hosting services from bloggers, however I'm happy to announce as from this post onwards, the new url to my blog will be :

To benefit other readers from various parts of the world (if any), dasyatnye is a Malay word. The correct spelling is "dasyatnya" however I choose the former which is sort of a street slang. The definition could be found here in the Online Webster Dictionary, however to me dasyatnye can bring two meanings as explained in these scenarios.

"When you encountered, heard from someone or experienced on something exciting - dasyatnye!! (upbeat) awesome!!, cool!!, wow!!"

"When you heard bad news from someone - dasyatnye.. (toned down) thats horrible.."

    In this blog, I intent to write on; some personal journals, practical ideas, misc reviews, knowledge sharing, jokes, sale of misc items and etc. What I've mentioned is just a rough guide, based on my current interest. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as I did writing it.

    Saturday, February 16, 2008

    My First Monopoly Set

    After waiting for almost three weeks!! My "first" Monopoly set has finally arrived from the States. By "first" here refers to; literally my my first set and the first of THREE Monopoly sets which had arrived :D It's a bitter sweet moment though, as our customs slightly ripped the box while inspecting the package. Oh well.. nothing like a clear scotch tape couldn't fix.

    By now you probably must be wondering as why did I buy a Monopoly set form the States when we can get it over here in Malaysia. Well my friends, just feast yourself on the photos below and you will understand why :)

    Item is shipped in this plain white box, on the contrary with it's content. Which is...

    Tadaaa.. not so your average Monopoly huh? This edition features a wooden gameboard which include games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Checkers, Dominos & Poker Dice. Take that for a combo or space saving. All the game pieces are also made of wood except for the dices & dominos which are made of plastic and the Monopoly tokens which are diecast metal.

    The Chess and Scrabble game pieces are kept in the wooden drawer at the bottom of the main gameboard and others as in the picture below in moulded velvet lined plastic. The Monopoly board when flipped over is the Scrabble board and vice-versa. Overall I'm satisfied with the build quality and the materials used.

    There's nothing much to explain about the gameplay as these are classic boardgames as many had played, easy to learn, strengthen family ties, make new friends and most of all FUN to play. I can't wait to have a go with this new game!! Anyone interested to join in is welcomed. It may sound funny coming from a adult but, the game did say 8+ on the box :D

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Featured Item : Handbag Hook

    Well... there is a practical solution to this common problem of where to put your purse or handbag. Just use a Handbag Hook! You will never have to put your purse or handbag on the floor or backs of chairs again!

    Simply slide this device over the table or counter’s edge, hang your purse, handbag or umbrella from the hook! Your purse is safe, protected, close at hand and in your sight!

    Currently there are 3 beautiful colours to choose from; Lavender Pink, Turquoise Blue and Sage Green with a silver tone floral design accented in the centre with a Rhinestone. Each piece comes with a black velvet pouch so it will not get scratched or scratch other things in your handbag when you’re not using it.

    The Handbag Hook is priced at an affordable RM 20 each. Buy one or all three colours for yourself or present them as a gift for your loved ones. Interested? Simply follow the link under 'Items for Sale' on the right hand side of this page.

    Sunday, February 10, 2008

    Monopoly Here & Now : The World Edition - Vote for Our Country

    It's been a while since I've last updated, but this Monopoly voting has made me itching for a post :)

    I'm sure somewhere along the line when we are all growing up, we either had played or heard about the Monopoly board game. It's a fun family game for young and the old. I've never heard anyone who didn't have fun while playing the Monopoly.

    In fact, this is a game that you can recall to this day when you're playing with your brothers, sisters, parents or friends which makes you smile by just remembering the moment.

    To me, I had never owned a Monopoly set (yet?) but I had the chance to play it at my granduncle's house. It is an old Monopoly set which I can still recall where he placed it, where we played and who we played with. It's just memories like these which are priceless and brings misty to your eyes, at least to me :)

    Thats in the 1980's, since then Monopoly had produced numerous editions of this classic board game such as Monopoly Deluxe Edition, Anniversary Edition, Star Wars Edition and etc (extensive list could be found at BoardGameGeek).

    Today, Monopoly will be adding another edition to its list which is "Here & Now : The World Edition". This version will feature Cities across the Globe including Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, if selected. Uncle Pennybags (the top hat character above) has pre-selected 68 cities including ours, and its up to us to vote for our country. The top 20 will make it into this World Edition, currently Malaysia ranks at 50.

    So, if you would like for our county to be in this Monopoly Here & Now : The World Edition, click on the banner above to be redirected to the voting website. As I am writing this post, we have approximately 16 days left to cast our votes. Cheers to all and Good Luck for Malaysia :)

    Image Source : Voting banner - Toys R Us Malaysia & Voting Results - Hasbro