Friday, February 29, 2008

Munching on my expense..

Help!!! Pesky white ants is chewing on my Lego Chess Set! I quote back from my previous posting on LHDN:

In the process of retrieving my income tax file, I've discovered that my wardrobe has been attacked by termites!! #$@%^%^%!!! got to clean that mess also.

Well that is not the whole story.. a month prior to that incident, I have to clean my storage boxes on top of my wardrobe which the critters is happily munching (sorry no photos on that). I had 2 laden black garbage bags filled from that occasion alone.

Then a week after the LHDN discovery, I found out that they are also eating my wardrobe cabinet. I accidentally discovered it while cleaning the white ant trail whereby when I stepped on the flooring it just gave in. See the photos below, of what I had to cope with..

The whole flooring crumbled like cream crackers.. Being an Ikea product, I can just buy a new flooring to replace it. However, as I am typing this entry; I can hear them now munching on the side panels. Nothing can be done but be ready to clean the mess they leave behind.

Normal mosquito spray and the solution used by professional exterminators doesn't seem to have any effect. Still looking for an alternative solution for the whole house.

From my numerous encounters I can share that the white ants:

1. Prefer to munch on brown boxes (non-bleached type), so better buy the pretty white boxes with laminated surface which is slightly expensive

2. Same goes for books, they prefer the brown paperback books than the heavy bleached magazine papers

3. For now they are are chewing on cheap board, my pine wood shelving still untouched (fingers crossed)

4. Don't keep magazine, books or boxes on the floor.. they will start to eat it if item not moved for sometime.

Hopefully this list could help you guys to curb unpleasant infestation.. my advice is for you to check as much as you can if you know your neighborhood has a white ant colony.


Anonymous said...

pasni boleh try almari plastik. yang kalau isi tak balance nanti dia senget. hehe.

maybe we can send the board (yang baru beli nanti la) for treatment, then baru pasang kat almari tu.

kL said...

yup.. good idea.. have any numbers of a good shrink for treatment?

Lenny said...

oh.. poor you...

i no nothing abt this...
kalau i yg kene... sah sah tak tau buat apa... ahhahha...

useless .. seb baik ada handy man in the house.. hehehhe...