Sunday, March 02, 2008

Singapore IT Show 2008

Singapore IT Show 2008 is just around the corner, from 6th to 9th March 2008 to be more specific. The best thing is that; I am going for this event! WoohooOO!! I've missed this event a couple of times being a week too early or late in Singapore trips. This year I've managed to arrange the trip down south to coincide with the event.

Being a tech geek, I am hoping that this IT Show will showcase some of the latest gadgets & electronics instead of just selling stuffs. The official event website did highlight that they will showcase the Latest & Most Comprehensive electronic gadgets.

Who knows, maybe I could find some other inspiration for new product development (thats what I do at work - develop new communication products). Will update on how it goes once I'm back. Oh ya, its not too late to plan your trip. Give me a buzz if you are in the vicinity of the event :)


Lenny said...

last year i went there by coincidence.... ikut Yang pegi training SAP... and at that time ada this IT Show... giler ramai org... and some of the stuff there really cheap..

oh.. i miss singapore!
nak burger king bleh?? hahhaha

kL said...

Yup, Yang did mentioned bout the "cheapnest" :P

Hmm.. nak kirim Burger King.. aku takut belum sampai KL dah abis :D