Sunday, November 20, 2005

dasyatnye.. Hot Sauce!!

I dunno about you guys.. but maggi's tomato sauce will definately burn into my memory forever.. juz lOOk at the tag line.. sound yummy isn't it :P

Saucy Treat??

now tats good marketing.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

dasyatnye.. a cartooney incident

hi all, thousand appologies for the long overdue updates.. nowadays i'm quite occupied.. however to get things rolling back into normal pace.. i start off with this short entry..

a few weeks back.. went to ikano with Laydiefa.. and after breaking fast, we headed to the world of cartoon to look for a birthday present.. while one of us browsing for the present.. a loud cracking sound breaks in the background..

K R A K K O W ! ! *ni DC comic nyer soundtrack*

*a moment of silence*

Then after discovering what had happened..

H A H A H A H A H A x 100

*pause* Fuh!.. Fuh!..

H A H A H A H A x 1000

It was like someone broke a canister of laughing gas.. its contagious, its sinister.. it brought tears to our eyes and digested our meal :P

Wanna know what happened? See da photos below..


Ooops!! (Zoom)

Well they say that a picture says a thousand word.. so i'll guess i'll juz leave it here for you all to interpret what happened.. i'll chip in the answer when thing really getting saucy :P

Sunday, September 18, 2005

dasyatnye.. reverse SENSOR!!

Latety things has been eventful and cheery.. but to add things up.. last friday.. in a dark corner of the basement.. we're (me - driver, zai & afza - back passengers) waiting for Yang to be yanked down by Lenny from da office for lunch..

while waiting.. da boys at da back we're toying around their newly acquired 3G phones.. hey the phones were great n they're buzy chatting bout its funtionalities.. 5 minutes lapsed n finally i saw the sight of Yang n Lenny in my wing mirror..

both promptly opened the door n enters the car.. i've shifted into reverse and when i was about to move.. when suddently.. "Weeiieeeh!!!" afza yelled.. i hit da brakes *stop*.. tot i was about to hit a car or something.. tgk.. xde pape pon.. semua or blank.. then..

apza (to Yang): "ko ni masuk2 terus pegang je"..
yang : "mane laa aku tau.. masuk2 tgk korang tgh main handphone.. aku pon nak carik hp laa ni"

hahaha *giggle* ..(weih korang aku x tahan laa nk perabih blog ni.. volenteer laa sesape nak perabih..) fuh.. fuh.. anyhow.. only after we've learned what had happened.. kitaorg gelak gedabas dalam kete tu.. x bole drive beb.. kena calm down a bit.. baru boley.. :)

nak tau what happened.. well erm.. how shall i put this.. actually instead of finding the handphone.. that someone grabbed afza's 'lightsaber'.. haha.. :P

Saturday, September 10, 2005

dasyatnye.. the good old days..

a businessman may say its uprofitable, enteprenures may say its a waste of time to look back on things from the past. but on the otherhand..

lawyers may find it essential to refer past preceedings to defend its client, engineers could save lives from analyzing past events..

many more examples could be listed.. some may be accurate n some not so.. but don't take this seriously sbb i dunno squat what i'm rambling kat atas td.. saje je buat drama.. haha..

actually juz want to talk bout the simple2 things masa dulu yg kita encounter slalu that we've take for granted. tp kalu kita pikir balik on all those stuff.. it may bring good memories which cld make us smile, giggle.. probably.. da ones yg wenthru their childhood during the 80's may have the same wavelenght n know what i'm talking about..

take Tic Tac for example.. sampai sekarang ada lagi.. fr initial price of 70 cents to 1.50.. nowadays seldom do i buy this sweet treat.. but when i do.. couldn't help but remember the good old times.. whre life is far less complecated and full of happiness.. no doubt cause its called childhood..

Tic Tac isn't juz a yummy treat.. it's also an avenue to explore our imagination.. the commom thing you do with the container is pretend that its a lighter n.. puffing away you would go on a rolled piece of paper.. or fill it up with water, find a puddle n fill the thing with tadpoles.. use it as a granade.. keep ants.. the list goes on..

then they were Kam-Kam.. the chickadees that comes with a toy.. ade one time tu.. the toy was the robot plane of robotech.. a popular anime series tat time.. so mmg hari-hari laa beli.. n another.. i dunno if u guys pernah makan or not (i know some pernah).. ade this biskut.. its round like oreos but kaler lite brown.. n instead of cream.. derang letak sort of red kaler jem yg liat.. cicah dgn teh 'o' mmg besh.. the dough goes mushi.. but jem dia maintain liat..

ok ok.. takkan psal makan je tak.. tv shows pon also gives a good flashback.. apart from hindustan yg almost everyday tayang fr 3.30 - 6.00.. i guess tats why i'm sick to watch it today.. there also tv shows like 'V'.. alaa citer alien (look like human) yg makan orang.. animals n insects.. n bila kulit terkupas nampak hijau.. then they were.. star trek (same result as hindustan.. get sick of it also).. knight rider.. million dollar man/woman.. get smart.. magnum p.i.. the green hornet.. batman.. kungfu.. n wah byk lagi.. wow.. didn't know tat i'm tat much of a couch potato..

anyhow ade byk lagi stuffs yg bring back good memories.. this is juz a few which i'm sharing.. its a good conversational piece.. bridging frendships.. keep us sane.. n i guess it unlimitted as on which angle u're lookin at.. apa2 pon.. realizing this.. i could't help but wonder.. ape pulak would be the things that would be an icon in our lives for the next 10 years.. for now music fr da 90's is retro for me.. n perhaps.. malibu dreams n hazelnut coffee will be the thing of the future past for me.. what bout u guys.. things tat dig u in da past n the 'will be' for future?

Sunday, September 04, 2005

dasyatnye.. gen2 jejak merdeka

So what did i do last Merdeka celebration? as u've probably had known from Laydiefa's post, i've joined her in a treasure hunt contest for Gen.2 owners.. funny thing is, for me the hunt started a tad earlier than the official date.. why? because i've got to find the briefing venue somewhere in UEP.. no biggie eh? well.. took me 2 days.. haha..

da first day i've got about 2 hrs to kill before i have to head back n pickup my parents.. so i've rang my proton sales rep.. n he guided me a bit by saying to me to go out of federal right before the toll.. n go straight toward usj16.. i think to myself ok.. tats simple enuf.. but actually.. find myself lost in glenmarie.. subang airport, subang jaya n usj.. and the darkness of the nite n many constructions along da way didn't help.. there were numerous u-turns.. some legal n.. erm.. some not so.. but i'm following my brother's philosophy which is "There are no dead ends in a journey, only long or short due to how many u-turns u've done". tat nite i didn't find the venue..

second attempt i was prepared as a map to the venue has been posted in a forum.. so it was an easy drive towards the destinations.. managed to spot where i've done wrong da nite before.. is was in fact at usj 12.. so i was looking at the wrong area.. uereka! found it.. being in an industrial area on a sunday afternoon where the Proton COE is.. its like a ghost town.. there were no cars nor ppl around.. i can stop in the middle of the junction for 15 minutes n still no cars would pass by..

pleased with the find.. i've decided to look for alternate routes on my way back.. belok kanan.. then belok kiri.. ek'elen i said to myself.. mcm kenal je masjid ni.. rupa2nya the venue is right behind taipan.. the area slalu kitaorg stopover for drinks after futsal.. buang karen je.. hehe.. :p well.. at least skrg ni i know some of the nook and crannies of the places that i've been lost.. fr an initial of zero knowledge of the area..

a day before the treasure hunt.. went there with Laydiefa for the briefing and we're among the first to arrive.. they gave us cucur udang and mihun for tea.. being first timers.. i think both of us listened to the briefing carefully.. got our lucky competition number 218.. and the next morning the hunt starts at 7.00 am.. so we made our move somewhere in the versinity of 5.45 to 6.00 am.. reached there by quater to 7.00.. by then.. there were already a large number of Gen.2s arrived. had our breakfast ther.. it was mihun and sandwiches.. a bit of a delay but after a pumped up Merdeka roar at 7.30 it stared and off we go..

so my duty was as the navigator.. haha.. dun wory.. minding aside my previous track record.. we didn't get LOST :P uor journey would take us from USJ > Taipan > Glenmarie > TTDI > Hartamas and finally Petronas Gombak (da on with Burger King). there were 30 questions that we had to complete, plus an additional 5 on road safety. at almost every sector we'd pull over n walk to search for the answer.. n a few we had to use talian hayat.. Laydiefa's sister was a big help on a few of the question.. she on standby at home with internet.. 4 hrs passed and we finally at the final leg of the journey heading towards Petronas.

elok2 je sampai.. hand in our answers.. hujan pon turun.. so had lunch and waited for the rain to ooze down a bit before heading up to Genting. Genting?? yup.. for prize presentation & luck draw.. moving along.. yada.. yada.. during dinner the answers were projected in the ballroom.. n ppl would go oOooo.. aAargh.. in reaction of the answers including us.. in the end.. we did ok considering that we're first timers.. again mihun was part of the menu served..

notice that i've italisice the word Mihun throughout this entry.. tats because.. thay have been serving us Mihun 3 times.. recycle ke ape ni? hehe.. to be frank.. i dun think i can eat Mihun for at least another week.

back to the results.. treasure hunt nyer prize mmg dh xde harapan.. cause the top ten winners all were 97% and above.. so was hoping for the lucky draw which were 5 Gen.2s up for grabs.. but the one that is allocated for central region were 2 units. as to make things transparent.. the draw took lots of time before the first number being read.. it was 00XX.. aaaa.. mmg jauh from 0218.. the next same process.. still waing.. n when the number being read.. 02XX.. haa.. ade harapan ni.. then.. piok x4.. tak kena daa.. habis dah chan kitaorg..

anyhow.. its not tat frustrating at all.. sbb cabutan tu among 264 cars.. and total from all regions was 647.. so ok laa.. mmg sape dpt tu mmg lucky n rezeki.. there are some things that can't be compared with goods.. i had tons of fun.. n my congratulations to the lady pilot whom had drove us safely and sucessfuly participate in this event. kampai.

Monday, August 22, 2005

dasyatnye.. da old gym is finally closed..

looks like the day finally came.. its been buzzing arround since last year that the old gym will be closed.. last friday was the end of it.. when i went ther.. the multistation has been disassembled..

i can't exactly recall when but roughtly it must have been in march 2002 that i've started.. da guys at the gym are wonderful.. jepp n zaha r the veterans that lasts till today.. memula join mmg kena buli laa.. for me.. ade ke tingkap tengah yg sealed diorg suroh bukak.. puas aku mencari handle nk bukak.. terkena aku.. haha.. btul x Zai? by da way.. yes Zai dulu ikut aku jugak turun gym.. haa jgn teperanjat.. siap dpt gelaran "kentang".. i guess thats why he retired.. takut2 dpt gelaran lain..

i also don't exactly know why i started to go to the gym.. but niniez might hv her version of da story where she claimed i'm a different guy after LeTour.. :P hehe.. could be true since i'm not sure.. however.. eversince.. da gym has been my oasis after work.. where i go sweat out n chill with da guys.. with the opening of our new office next door.. there was also a new gym that came with it.. been ther a couple of times but we still prefer the old one.. cse..

- where else can u drop barbell & dumbell directly on the floor rite after u've done with ur routine..
- where else in the office you can shout what u want without anyone care..
- where else can u hit da gym without shoes or shirt when u forget to bring it..
- where else can u celebrate your birthday at the gym.. with food & cakes..
- where else can u find a high turnover of newbies.. since they can't bear the mental game.. :P
- where else can u find good lifting partner where sometimes they juz leave u hanging with a 100 pound bar on your chest juz for fun..

so this is a tribute to the gym that has changed my life.. from the busted lifecycle n rusted barbell.. it doesn't matter in what condition the equipments were.. its how u adapt n use whats available to you.. its truly is a private gym for us since many come and go.. i shall miss that environment very much.

Friday, August 12, 2005

dasyatnye.. offer Melia Hotel..

When someone calls and asks you whether you're busy or not? it is always polite to say "sure i've got a moment" eventhough you're busy. That's my standard answer eventhough i know that the person on the line is from a telemarketing company.

If its insurance they're selling, then it wouldn't be not much of a problem since easy to dismiss them. just you mention that you've bought the full policy and the conversation will end a brief moment afterwards. Previosly when I didn't bought my policy yet, I would inform them that I've just joined the work force and I want to spend all my monthly earnings. usually they would understand when you tell them in a nice manner.

If its a holiday package, discount card etc.. then it will be rather tricky. Some of them is rather persistant, they still ask you to listen to them eventhough stated clearly that you've not interested. In the end they're the ones that will be frustrated and mad at us when we didn't make a purchase. I don't like to be forced into buying something that i don't "plan" to buy. I would like to read and find out more about a service or a product before spending your hard earned money. (Unless on vacation :P)

Yesterday, again I've received a call from a telemarketing company, the telemarketer is promoting a discount card for Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This call was a bit different cause you can clearly distiguish that this is a newby. She was rather nervous and unprepared while promoting the package. I've stopped my work for a while to pay attention to her, she then explained that with the card it entittles me to:

- half rate for a stay at the hotel
- 3rd day free when you've stayed for 2 nites
- RM500 credit, to be used for dining at the hotel
- yada yada..

When she asks me whether I'm interested? I replied that I'm living in KL and I'm more comfortable to go back home at the end of the day. She responded by re-affirming me that the card also entittles me for discount at other Melia branches namely.. erm.. namely... couldn't find the location, she'd just mention Penang and Sabah.. but its not Melia.

To cut things short, one of the interesting perks of this discount card that I've actually want to highlight and share to you guys is:

Melia is giving 20% off when you die at its restaurant.

Got it? Die? Haha.. i guess she meant to say was "Dine".. and this was during the yada yada point above.. so you can just imagine how I'm holding my urge to laugh.. but tak sampai hati.. she'd sound very sincere.. to laugh in front of her would be rude and discouraging.. afterall dia pon nak cari makan..

well.. thats the closest that i've bought anything via the phone offer out of sympathy.. i hope she improves and be less nervous.. but to the veterans.. don't think i've soften and sucumb to your offers... i will keep my stance :P

Sunday, August 07, 2005

dasyatnye.. dinner at the hospital..

last two week was dinner at the hospital.. what? naa.. no worries it's not me.. juz visiting some of our dear mommies to be in the hospital..

first up was Ika.. well.. she's in her 8th month now when suddently a false alarm breaks.. keeping details descreet.. let me juz say that the baby decided to do some streching and mommy got bear the pain.. no pain no gain rite? :P while papa practices for the go-kart championship while driving mommy to the hospital :)

naturally.. Lenny, Yang & meself visited ika & zai (her hubby.. but err.. sometimes felt like he's the patient)whenever we could after office since ika is at ampang puteri, so it's on our way back. after office = no dinner.. and if we had our dinner first then visit ika.. it would be late etc.. so.. beli je laa makanan n berkampung kat hospital tu.. it turned out to be a new hang-out place for the week..

next up was our lass Lenny.. hmm.. ape eek.. byk sangat gelak kot? naa.. jgn mara eek.. well actually.. Len landed herself in the hospital rite after lunch hr the following week due to stomach cramps.. da cause of the cramps? well could be her turbulent coughing which pulled a muscle or side effects of the new medication..

alhamdulillah.. both of them are already out of the hospital n resting at home.. looking at it.. this may what my mom & pop had been thru my eldest brother and finally me.. enduring all the susah.. payah.. i love u mom & pop..

Ika & Len & daddies.. all the best.. insyaAllah all will be fine.. looking foward for a new member in da group.. take care.

Monday, August 01, 2005

dasyatnye.. tired but determined..

hehey.. it's been awhile since i've posted anything n same goes to ma buddies len & afza.. nowadays we're quite occupied with our work where Yang is having constant training.. Len is now handling live production.. Afza.. well he's bz too, on db restructure is it? n me on divisional web.. it doesn't sound that tuff.. but when you've got a tight dateline n 8 product owners to assist.. it's a game of keeping your head cool to keep on track.. alhamdulillah its done but juz got another assignment but this time its a dynamic page.. arrgh.. in spite of that i need to thank Syah for assisting n polishing my web skills.

on the other hand.. the one that we've least expect to make an update had done so.. surprisingly zai had revamped and updated his page.. dasyatnye.. congrats bro n keep those poetry coming..

nevertheless how busy we were.. we did manage to squeeze time to meet during lunch.. even though not all were present at any given time.. we do meet at least once throughout the week.. oh ya.. with me getting back Blackie more than two weeks back.. we’ve been havin lunch outside our office premises.. may it be bangsar area.. mid valley.. pj and sometimes as far as sri hartamas.. its a retaliation period for me since i’ve lost Blackie for nearly 3 weeks.. juz can’t get enuff driving in da car.. any excuse will do.. i guess its also a chance for me to relax in between work..

weekends.. usually I like to wake up early n do stuff like clean my room, have b’fast while watching tv or sometimes i go out for a jog.. but none of that took place few weeks back.. my room is a mess.. stuff is piling everywhere.. n forget bout breakfast or jogging.. its lunch n ready to get out when I’m up for the weekend.. i feel tired most of the time.. i guess that da toll for that extra brain crunching.. thats why I didn’t update my page for so long.. mentally I’m tired.. didn’t want to do anything complex after work..

however.. i don’t like the direction which i’m heading.. not to mentioned that I’ve gained weight thru my changing habits n appetite.. that is why wrote this update.. i want to fix myself n get back on track.. to be healthy and fit again.. so i can do both work and personal activities.. enjoying while doing it.. my goal is to lose 12 pounds in two weeks.. that way i'll stay focused and fit. juz for fun and more importantly as a motivation.. i'll be placing a bet.. if i don't manage to reach my goal.. i'll have to blanja u guys.. so wish me luck? haha..

in summary.. it has been hectic & tiring pass few weeks but.. there are moments which i’ve enjoyed like having “dinner” at the hospital with ika n da guys.. catching movies.. weekly badminton game.. completed my assignment.. n Yang’s birthday picnic.. hoping for a good week ahead n wishing u guys da same too.. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

dasyatnye.. singapore trip..

Alhamdulillah.. with all the uncertainties in our work schedules.. at last sampai gak hasrat “orang” kaya bangsar untuk menjejak kaki dibumi asing.. Like all our previous trips.. we did some homework on where to stay & what to do once in Singapore...

27th June 2005. However.. Singapore seems to be da most difficult and unpredictable trip by far.. fuh.. fenin kepala kitaorg dibuatnye esp nk carik accommodations.. nice ones semua dah fully booked.. tinggal yg cam cap “ayam” nyer (within budget laa)..

Lepas cam smua org dah putus asa.. Len pon terjumpe laa one hotel ni.. its out of the shopping area but ok laa dekat ngan MRT.. kitaorg pon dgn senang hatinya buat online booking..

tat nite kitaorg ade game badminton.. so gi main badminton jap.. tmrw nye i plak kena gi Terengganu for 2 days.. flight at 7.30 am.. so kena kluar rumah kol 5.00 am!!

28th June 2005. Bad news.. hotel yg kitaorg book online.. tak dapat cse full jugak.. i ckp ngan da geng kita redah je laa.. nnt once ther kita carik hotel.. smua setuju..

29th June 2005. Arrived home in KL by 10.00 pm.. unpack clothes and pack again for Singapore trip.. hit da deck by 1.00 am.. according to the program.. Yang & Len will pick me up in the morning..

30th June 2005. D-day.. Yang & Len came at 8.00 am.. shove my bag in the trunk n off we go to… ermm.. “breakfirst” at Projet :P after full tank.. human and car.. made our way to JB.. start off at sg besi toll at 9.20 and reached JB at quarter to one!!

Footlong for Bfast.. Good hearty meal eh..Footlong for Bfast.. Good hearty meal eh..

Singgah jap kat City Square for lunch.. scout around da vicinity for travel agent.. kot2 ble tolong book hotel.. tuff luck.. xde gak and we wasted precious time.. pas beli milo ais for lenny.. we were on our way to the car and we were about to pass by this homeless guy.. I was holding my back pack in front takut2 ade pick pocket.. a few feet passed he shouted “buukaaaak beg kaamuuuuu!!!!!”

mak aih.. terkejutz.. and my response was “ takpe.. takpe..” everyone around looked at us.. tp mmg Yang was da first one to giggle.. mmg tak tahan laa kelakar.. sbb.. pakcik tuh.. sebutan dia dengan penuh perasaan n mcm ade aura.. zaaass.. haha.. tat was da joke of da day.. still laughing while in da q at causeway.. n..

Entered Singapore by 2.30 pm.. haha.. Yang plak bile masuk Singapore bersopan-santun tuh driving.. signal.. and da tuff part for him I think to keep da car under 90 kp/h.. driving gear 4 je.. KL-JB tuh x hengat nye.. sampai x nampak meter.. navigating to our destination to orchard was a breeze with the map we’ve bought..

Tried to find accommodation with a local tour agent but.. x pat gak.. at last we took matters in our own hand after a handy advice from the tour agent.. around the area there are a few cheap hotels but.. after we’ve done some research over da internet and after a few calls.. we’ve got our hotel at Bencoolent street off Orchard road.. location wise its juz at the end of orchard and near to a MRT station.. checked in and out half an hour after for our first glimpse of great Singapore sale.. took da MRT, 2 stops ahead reached orchard and walked our way back to the hotel..

Hmm.. xde pon KLCC??Hmm..hmm.. xde pon KLCC

Did I mention da 7 -11 in front of our hotel? Mmg besh.. its our official launch pad in da morning for breakfast and retreat after whole day spent at orchard.. if I would say da ambiance is very relaxing at the 7-11 ther.. ppl would call me crazy (if u imagined the 7-11 ther same like ours) but its true.. the place is very comfortable with free wi-fi.. cheap imported chocolates.. good hot food.. tapi.. tis one for mysara.. xde pon black & white m&m’s?

7-11Chillin at 7-11

Official lunch plak throughout da trip.. was Burger King.. lepas meracun bebudak ni yg we cannot convert dr sing dollar to RM (sbb nnt x enjoy da trip n da fact dat u x compare food price) Len & Yang.. waa.. murah je ni makan berger king.. satu set baru 6 ringgit!! (in-reality 6 sg dollars) haha.. official food for me was the double rendang burger.. sedap sehh.. naseb baik derang x bwk masuk m’sia.. kalu x lingkop aku.. :P yang plak enjoyed the double BBQ turkey ham burger.. we’ve tasted most yg xde kat m’sia.. perangai I mmg camtu.. like to try something new..

Takat ni je laa dulu eek.. nnt aku sambung lagi.. ngantuk sehh.. gambar pon x sempat nk upload.. esok plak laa ye.. gudnite.

Continuation story from da trip..

Ok.. since Len & Yang had never been to Singapore.. I’ve had planned a small agenda on what to do & see.. amongst them are..

Daytime activities
1. Sentosa Island
2. Chinatown
3. Esplanade
4. Orchard road
5. Raffles Place/Plaza
6. Suntech City

Nitetime activities
1. Clark Quay (Riverside)
2. Swissotel Bar @ 70th Floor
3. Night Safari

But it turns out that we’ve spent most of our time in Singapore at Orchard Road.. For? what else? Shopping!! Item 3-6 je yg jadi.. others simply scrapped.. Actually this is the first time I’ve seen Yang turn-on bout shopping.. Slalu cam kalu kluar memane xde pon dia beli barang.. but i don’t blame him.. selection kat Singapore memang bebinau mate nak memilih.. there’s loads of quality stuffs that u can purchase at 20% to 30% cheaper.. heck.. some dunno whether its cheap or not simply bcse xde kat M’sia..

Yang tgh sindrom sangapshoppingYang in the shopping mood..

Ok bie.. yg kat atas tuh smua angkat ke cashier..Ok bie.. yg kat atas tuh smua angkat ke cashier..

Break lagi satu kali.. berape by kali break daa..Aaaahh... lepak jap..tgh makan eskrem.. n Lenny tgh tunggu Yang tgk beg..

Itu lah our daily activity sampailah ke hari yg nak balik tuh.. mmg kluar hotel kul 9.30 pagi.. & return by 11.00 at nite.. bafore naik bilik.. sempat dulu wusha "ayam" singapore n main pool.. its only on saturday nite when Zai & Ika came to join with us.. kitaorg balik hotel lambat at around 2 am kot.. cse we went to Mustafa.. the 24hrs drooling shop.. memula ingatkan kedai dia cam Mydin kat KL.. rerupanya.. cam Harrots kat London.. smua benda ble beli kat dlm kedai tuh.. dari electronics.. jewelary (x penah aku tgk gold 1 floor on display).. pharmacy.. clothes.. etc2.. da list goes on and on.. haha.. kat sini Yang bought his new LCD TV..

Break lagi..chillin out.. havin a break..kat kedai Pen SGD410.. btol Yang?

Oh ya.. dlm our buzy schedule shopping.. at least berjaya laa jugak kitaorg complete mission sebenar (well partially) trip ni iaitu makan kenduri kawin Shiima & Zam.. a fren of mine during uni dayz.. we bid u congratulations and may u be blessed with a happy life ahead as husband & wife. amin.

IMGP3719 (Medium)Isk malu laa..Bow to your King & Queen (Lesen sehari je laa)

Overall.. da trip was fun and a success (ni blom tgk cc statement).. tot da guys on my non-conversion & averaging theory (averaging = kalu dh terbeli smthing yg mahal.. beli smtg similar cheaper to average da price) haha.. its safe to say that this is a shopping trip and we shall return someday for a tour of the rest.. (yeah rite!!)

Monday, June 27, 2005

dasyatnye.. cold war..

Whoa.. What causes a person to despise another so much? Is it really the action of the other had done or is it your ego or is it your so called principles? If so.. how long are you going to keep up with it? Demm..

Its not me that is in the situation but inderectly i'm in da middle of it.. taking shrapnel as da bombs blasts off arround me.. trying to keep a balance as not to be a hypocrite to both parties..

Da problem sparked from a remark made on a certain task by the other which obviously offended.. since then they have been in separate terms..if the person could investigate and analyse why for such comments.. i think things would get better.. however such comments should be of a constructive criticism and a bit sensitive to the others..

tried in my own way to ease thing between both but without avail.. everytime i tried to put in a good word, it had been cut off.. if i push further then i'll be the one getting my head chopped off.. it feels like i'm da pawn being used by both to get what they want..

heck, with all da work loads piling.. i've got no choise but have that last cigerete (i don't smoke) in front of the firing squad.. do my own business as much and as fast as i can before the DEADline. but i'm lucky as to have a friend(s) to light up my smoke.

i hope i didn't put much details as i fear their identites would be revealed.. though i need to get this out as clear my mind and as a reminder to think rationnaly if i ever get cought in this situation.. i wish them all the best and pray things will get better.

woohoo.. on a lighter side.. m going to singapore also with da gang.. :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

dasyatnye.. bloggers survey

Fuh2.. tis wk mmg tied up gile babas.. ingatkan bos cuti seminggu boleh laa wrap-up keje earlier.. instead.. lagi belambak yg datang..

anyhow Niniez.. thanks for your mail.. tis way at least aku ble update blog with minimum thinking and time taken..

to all, actually Niniez had sent me a link for a survey to find out "What Kind of Blogger Are You?" Ok laa.. survey dia pendek je.. 7 soklan.. enuff for a short brake.. below is my survey result.. what is yours?

p/s - social ke aku ni?

You Are a Social Blogger!

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It's how you keep in touch... sharing stories, jokes, and pics.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

dasyatnye.. blackie gets an un-welcomed kiss

un-welcomed kiss

I'm sad but not depressed to announce that blackie had involved in a minor accident last saturday.. it was due to the @#&%*@#$ driver whom had @#$%$%&#@ #@$%$%%$@&.. Haha.. Anyhow.. lets look at the police report shall we..

This is my first police report so mmg perak sikit laa.. firstly on top of the report.. ade laa all my partulars, ctc no, address etc.. below is my statement, un-edited as proffessionally drafted by da police for the report.. (terrer jek datuk tu rangka.. sure byk accident dia dah buatkan)..


Itu lah dia citernye.. but mase kena tu.. i dalam kete dah @#&%$& cursing.. pastu immediately stopped in da middle of the junction n i was demm mad at da time.. stepped out n tgk at blackie.. aik.. mane kemeknye? (dah cool skit) bunyi ade tadi.. hmm.. bile tutup je pintu driver baru nampak.. demm x10k..

first thing i said to the driver was.. "camne abang bawak kete ni? kan tu lane kona kanan tu.. ape laaa" then his wife nyampuk something.. but it was like implying why i turned right? and i replied.. "cuba akak tgk cat kat atas jalan tu..kan lane tengah ni untuk gi terus dan kanan.. saya dah siap signal ni (me showing them da signal which was still on)" then smua senyap..

to make it easier to visualize, the scene of the accident took place kat simpang bawah jejambat ke Ukay Perdana.. actually we were in da front row at the traffic light.. my right indicator lights were on.. and when the lights turned green i was da first car to move off.. i've passed the car on the right.. but biasa laa kena lajak sikit before turning sbb taknak makan lane org.. half way lookin thru my side mirror.. dia baru nak gerak.. i was at my turning point then.. krup!!.. sound of metal banging..end of story

then i suroh pindah our cars cause were in da middle of the junction.. after accessing our damages.. ajak derang gi balai to report kat ampang.. so dapatlaa report yg kat atas tadi tu.. actually the way we cakap kat tgh simpang tuh not that heated up pon.. juz maintaining cool n presenting the facts..

all is not lost.. Alhamdulillah i'm not injurred and there is some luck left as da accident didn't cause any damage to the quater panel.. juz have to replace the door.. but ironically when i started my car on that day.. the mileage meter was 4 4 4 4 freaky huh!!

The weekend wasn't a total bust.. afterwards hooked up with some delicious kebabs at ampang point.. managed to get my favourite comic footrot flats at a second-hand book store.. Nuthing beats the combination remedy of good food and a good laugh :)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

dasyatnye.. FOS sale

Guys.. juz nak share this bizarre sale at Bangsar Village set up by Factory Outlet Store (FOS) depan supermarket.. i went there pagi semalam around 11.00 am to buy some goods for my office.. then saw this sign saying - RM 3 for a jersey.. takde laa branded tapi tiga ringgit tuh.. ble pakai buang.. haha.. material pun ok.. but demm.. x sempat nak angkat time tuh cse my bos ade n we're rushing to get back to office.. it's ok.. i though to myself petang nanti after work ble datang balik..

later that evening around 7.00pm.. went back to Bangsar Village.. but this time orang dah ramai.. n the jersey.. HABIS!! 2 basketfull of it gone.. dem x10.. evidenly when i asked the salesgirl.. dia cakap "Ada abang tu tadi beli semua skali.." Selambe.. i estimate the jersey ada dalam 80 to 100.. n semua dia beli.. dasyat tuh..

anyhow all is not loss.. they are also selling casual shirts, colar-t and t-shirts at RM 3, RM 5, RM 7 and RM 10.. its dirt cheap.. ppl are buying by the stacks.. including me which bought 3 shirts.. 2 colar-T and 3 t-shirt.. but if you're big sized.. don't waste ur time here.. they carry mostly size S, M n L (L-Limited.. x byk).. selection n design are not bad.. Ladies garments pon byk.. but mostly tops.. price also starts from RM 3 to RM 10..

So either ur on a tight budget.. or trying to save a few bucks.. while updating ur wardrobe.. this sale is definately a must.. sale is on till 6th June.. but looking at the rate its going.. i don't know if they have anything left to sell before it ends. :P

p/s: td lupe lak nak tya if other FOS outlet pon sale camni.. so if u guys know.. pls inform k. thnx.

Friday, May 20, 2005

dasyatnye.. FREE photography seminar


Sorry! kinda late for this update.. but better late than never rite.. well at least thats how it goes on that particular day of the seminar.. earlier in the morning i was at Syah's house helpin him pack for pindah rumah and due to wrong judgement in time n KL traffic..i went ther a tad late missing a bit on hardware presentation.. in the seminar met up with niniez who had guide me via sms all da way to da hotel (nama je dok KL.. tp x tau the place :P) also present on that day was mysara & phyruzze..

In general.. the topics presented has been devided into 3 main categories as below:

1) Hardware selection (Camera functions)

Higher megapixel (mp) doesn't necessarily means quality output. Ask yourself "what's your requirement?" If you just want to print 4R photos, anything above 3mp is adequate. You only need higher mp if u want to blow the picture say 15 x 12 inch. Other than that it would be a waste of money and storage.

Choose something that u are comfortable with buy it, stop comparing and start shooting pictures.

Of course there is a basis on selection and the presenter had emphasized that the camera should at least has these functionalities embeded..

a) ISO
- da lower the ISO, the finer the photo will be
- da higer the ISO, more noise in da photo

b) White balance
- to accurately capture the colour (sunlight, floresent light, light bulp etc)

c) Appreture (how big the shutter opens)
- big, background image appears blur (good for potrait)
- small, all image sharp

d) Time priority (shutter speed)
- faster to capture say sporting events
- slower for nite scene

2) Basic composition

Tips on composition:
a) A story - ur photo has a story ie. a man making pottery, or a journey
b) Simplicity
c) Contrast - Pick a contrasting object as the main focus
d) Balance
e) Framing - use tree branches as frames
f) Rule of the third - if u take arts and when drawing a scenery, 1/3 bottom would be land/water and 2/3 above would be the horizon and sky
g) Colour harmony

3) Post editing

More on the iphoto software functionalities ie. - how to manage photos, remove red-eye, straighten a photo, colour adjustments etc. A few interesting tweaking tips which he shared in iPhoto are (if you're familiar with any imaging software ie. - ACDSee, Photoshop etc. you're covered):

a) try not to use the brighness and contrast so much (or at all) as it degrades the picture quality
b) adjust the exposure bright for morning light and warm for evening
c) adjust the colur balance ie. - add magenta to make the cheeks red for a fair person.

Above are juz the geez of the presentation, a lot of it you can find on the web. If you fancy on taking it the next level and earn money for your hobby, check out these website.

1) Starting a Home Based Photography Business
2) Starting a Photography Business

Overall the seminar was informative for beginners and a refreshers for amateurs. I was expecting more on the composition tips rather than hardware, since he's a professional photographer I would like to know how to capture or what makes a good photo. If you missed it and would like to attend, there's another session coming this 25th June. You can register yourself by using the link provided below.


There used to be a photo here.. but due to an outcry over the photo of Jen Siow appearing every time viewing my blog.. I've removed his photo as requested.. :P

If you are interested in photography and looking on ways to improove.. hey.. look no further.. Apple Malaysia will be organising a FREE.. i ulang.. FREE photography seminar entitled How To Be a Photo Genius.. session is conducted by a renown Malaysian photographer Mr Jen Siow.

"He is Malaysia's pioneer in total digital photography, with 20 years experience in advertising and editorial photography."

Source: Computimes May 19th 05

Tentatively. the seminar will be held on May 28th.. Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur. from 2pm to 5pm.. It's on a saturday.. so kalau xde pape nak buat on da weekend tu why don't u give it a try.. seats are limited.. if u want try ur luck.. register urself here. I've already registered.. so tunggu ape lagi. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

dasyatnye merc lip-lap

This is the post yg Len tak sabar2 menunggu..

It was thursday nite and we were on our way back from badminton.. Yang, Len & Sharul hitched along for a ride home.. and look what we've got to re-acquainted with..

LipLap Zoom

tadaa.. lihatlah lampu2nya melintang dan terurai.. main focal point was the center piece.. it would glow a steady blue while da car is cuising and would "Lip-lap" bright purplish-reddish-tangerine colour once the driver hits da brakes.. mmg meriah laa.. haha

Lip Lap Zoom

But actually its kinda freaky jugak since we've stumble upon this car again cause we were juz talkin bout it.. everybody was excited n tak expect to see it at the same time..

Lucky we had a camera but mmg susah laa nak dptkan gambar kereta ni.. cause the road was bumpy n we could not use da flash.. kitaorg followed the car from pekeliling monorail sampai laa simpang ke keramat.. byak jugak Yang amik gambar.. but most of it was blurry.. what u see is the best..

So guys.. i don't mind people decorating their car but this one is a bit eccentric and bold with the lampu Lip-Lap on a mercedes!!... Oh well.. but seriously i think it must be a malaysian version of pimp my ride.. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

dasyatnye berpindah..

Yup.. its official.. as of Monday this week.. my department has shifted to the next building.. to make way for external tenants.. many months of speculation.. when we're shifting finally came.. Our department since last week lagi dah busy packing.. lucky for me.. my stuff aren't many but penat gak laa.. sbb tolong akak2 kat sini dismantle & packing pc.. :)

Anyhow.. for my friends yg still remain kat menara or yg malas nk jenguk aku sbb jauh.. here's a view of my workstation.. and the surrounding area..

My workstation.. its half the size of menara's but.. cozy..

Da view in front of me.. my AGM's cubicle.. n thru da window.. view of menara..

Da view to my right.. my GM's room..

Da view to my left.. the managers cubicles.. things are mostly in boxes.. didn't hav time to unpack due to meetings..

Last but not least.. da view behind me..

And if u guys nak jalan2 tgk ma new offis.. i'm on the 5th floor.. u can find ur way round by reffering the floor plan.. i'm no 89. Nak senang lagi kol je laa..

One thing i like the most bout tis building is the parking.. senang and banyak gile compared to menara.. nk bawak kete time lunch pon no wurries to find parking spot bile balik.. yelaa x ramai lagi kan.. anyhow i shall enjoy tis while it lasts.. :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

dasyatnye alif..

The other day I've dropped by at my brothers place and look what I've stumbled upon..

Haha.. its my nephew Alif eating pizza.. he'd a little bit under the weather hence the cloth on his forehead.. however.. juz look how he's enjoying da pizza..

Siap sila panggung yg mahal tuh... anyhow.. feel free to put ur own dialog in relation to da photos juz for fun :P

Photo 1: "Hmm.. Best gak citer ni.."

Photo 2: "Change da channel n u'll get it buddy.."

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

dasyatnye peterpan..

Sunday 1st May 05.. 12.40pm. Arrgh.. woke up late after a nite's marathon of Contender.. i'm plannin on goin to peterpan's gig at Planet.. show starts at 3pm.. sempat2.. Demm.. juz remembered.. got a kenduri to attend at Kelana Jaya.. Fast fwd mode and zas I'm out of da house..

On da way Aman msged me.. "r u goin to the gig?" me respond was "Yupp.. On da way" Zipped my way first to Kelana Jaya.. had my "Breakfast" of nasi minyak.. conveyed my congratulations to da lovely couple n off.. i go to pick up Aman.. it was already 30 minutes to 3.00..

Trafic was smooth till we hit Hang Tuah.. we're inching bit by bit down da Stadium Merdeka road.. stalls were already set-up selling Inol souvenirs.. trafic was really bad.. by da time we'd crawled pass Planet to park in Lot 10.. it was nearly 4.00pm.. still.. we didn'i put up our hopes.. n when we'd finally reached ther..

Haha.. Main entrance was shut closed with notice "All ticket holders must enter before 2pm".. like i had a ticket.. well.. still trying.. went inside to the back entrance and..

Same thing.. it's funny da reasons that these guys gave juz for a shot to get in.. some were..

"Can I use the toilet"

"Nak beli air laa bang"

"Kawan saya kat dalam"

n myself.. "Restoran tak bukak ke? Nak makan boleh?"

Of course none of the excuses were excepted.. but we're laughing havin fun even though we'd didn't get in.. all we could see is peterpan performing in the monitor.. no sound though.. well.. Time to split n but one last try.. the side entrance outside.. same thing.. except fans here are on the verge of breakdown.. some already had judging by their swollen eyes after crying..

As for me & Aman.. nothing to grumble about as we'd arrived late and unplanned. It's a gamble and we'd lost. Hope they would come again and perform.. perhaps at a bigger venue. Anyhow.. our time is not wasted.. diverted to Low Yatt to buy some supplies of CDRs (to burn peterpan songs).

Friday, April 29, 2005

dasyatnye birthday.. erm no.. iron lady..

Yesterday was an eventful evening.. went out to celebrate Lenny's birthday at Soul'ed Out.. every year as usual we would celebrate it together with our closest friends since our birthdays are not far apart..

Initially i thought that i couldn't make it bacause my gym buddies had booked me.. no details were provided except a convincing threat of what would happened if i bailed out last minute.. so after work i've meet up with them and...

Surprise!! Surprise!!

It turns out that they had secretly organised a birthday celeb for me.. thanks u guys for organizing this for me.. am very lucky to have friends like u.. the cheese cake was really nice.. pandai ko pilih Zaha.. tak sia2 tambah 4 pound balik.. ;P anyhow malam ni on ok.. satay at KLJ.

Ok.. back to Lenny's bufday bash.. it turns out this year we had an additional member to our annual event.. which is the giggly Ninie, lovely miss laydiefa, cute miss mysara and cool dude Andrew Adrian..

However.. this year an eating competition was held to spice up the event. Here.. the participants are listening to briefing of the competition.. Everyone understood what to do and the tittle at steak..

and.. the competition begins..

Not giving up.. here's Zai having a hard time finishing his meal midway of the competition...

Even our bufday gurl had a go in the competition..

But in the end it all prevails.. and the tittle goes to this one extraordinay lady which had amazed us throughout this competition.. and that person is no other than...

Zainee!!! Wow.. juz look at at the spread and whats left.. barely anything.. see what i mean.. lucky that Andrew Adrian acted fast.. if not.. even the onion rings.. "settle".. So Zainee.. congratulation for being the "Iron Lady" of the competition..

Hehe.. Zainee.. jgn mara eek.. saje je suke2..

later on.. Din and Akai joined for a slice of the bufday cake..

Overall.. it was a fun and entertaining outing.. it doesn't bug as much that the food isn't that good.. but to be among good friends that all it matters.. :)

p/s. As a consolation.. the venue and service at Soul'ed Out was excellent. Neva know if u didn't try.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

dasyatnye.. birthday Lenny laa..

Fuh.. bantal tuh nampak tempting je.. penat daa baru balik main badminton.. haha dgn korang gak.. anyhow before i sleep..





Kind.. n


Those are a few of the qualities that came accross immedeately in my mind when describing this special person.. I'm confident that anyone who had the opportunity to know this person is privilaged as what are described is true..

This wonderful person is no other than my dearest friend.. Lenny :)

Its your birthday today.. so gurl.. I wish u a very "Happy Birthday!!" Have a wonderful weekend ahead..


Thank you for being all the thing i've described :)

p/s: u guys.. if you have other qualities to add.. feel free to do so for our friend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

dasyatnye land below the wind

Last week i was out of town for a product roadshow.. to be specific i was in Kota Kinabalu.. the land below the wind..

Since this is the last trip that I'll be making.. at least untill we complete another new product.. most probably in a years time.. On that note I've decided to indulge myself with a little treat >:-> So..

I've upgraded my flight to business class.. wohoo.. tapi one-way je laa kan.. kalu both ways koyak laa..

8.00 am Made the change early morning at KL Sentral and checked-in straight at the counter with the "pijak lemas" carpet.. :0 my flight was in the afternoon.. so went to office first.. besides there are other members that will be joining..

1.15 pm Off to KLIA via ERL.. in the photo from left.. my boss, pn Suriya with her son, Naj, uncle Lim (juz another passenger je tp bagi je laa name kan?) and me..

2.00 pm Reached KLIA and into the Golden Lounge..

Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes so I have additional time to enjoy.. yay!! 10 minutes before flight an announcement was made and i'd made my way towards the gate to board the aircraft.. on the boarding bridge we could see the plane right? n i was expecting a Boeing 777 but turns out i got a 737.. damn @#@%&$*&.. i'm a bit frustrated cause i specifically choose the flight to try 777 business class.. (mcm laa pernah naik yg 737 puyner)..

anyhow i took it with a pinch of salt n enjoyed the flight.. the seat was very wide n comfy.. there's about 5 inches room on the side when i'm in the seat.. 20 minutes into the flight n food from the lounge barely digesting.. they served "lunch" once again.. so now i know what the extra space on the seat is for.. it is for you to grow fat with the food they keep serving.. anyhow.. food was ok but not excellent.

6.00 pm or so touched down at Kota Kinabalu International Airport.. Shook the hand of my neighbour during flight, bid him a pleasant n successful business trip to Taipei.. met up with the guys n made a move to our Hotel.. Sutera Harbour Pacific.

Nuthing much happend that nite.. had our dinner.. photo on the right is at the waterfront where we had no idea what to eat.. rest of the nite wnet back to the hotel and explored the grounds and i must say apart from the vast facilities.. the hotel has many live music goin on simultaneously.. you can either louch at the Megalant.. hang at the Pacific or bang at the KK Club.. eventually we went to bed around midnight.. but in the morning.. Wallah!!

juz look at that view.. breath taking.. gorgeous.. can't see much the night before but in the day.. wow! "Lucky" that i've woke up early so.. had time to hit the gym.. shower.. b'fast n off to work.. by lunch we're already done n..

an imprompt agenda came up.. we called for 2 cabs which we've hooked up the night before.. n off we go to the foot of mount Kinabalu.. the journey took an hour 45 one way.. on the way stopped at Pekan Nabalu to check out the local handycrafts.. the weather is already cool at this area.. bought few stuff for da guys back home.. *hint - kindly collect ur goodies

continued our journey and another 30 minutes up* da road (*we're still climbing).. we've reached Kinabalu Park.. but the road is foggy as you can see in the photo.. everybody kept quite as an eerie feeling looms.. jeng2.. haha.. alhamdulillah.. xde pape.. so we lepak@da.park for an hour or so and had lots of photo opportunity (hmm.. most probably kena bukak photopages acc kan?) here are a few of them..

Below is a photo of mount Kinabalu hiding in da fog.. there's actually a valley down below on the left.. a waterfall.. which i'm certain it'll be very beautiful on a clear day.. anyhow took this photo at Timpohon Gate.. this is where all climb to mount Kinabalu starts..

its hard to get a good photo with the fog and all.. but if you'r patient.. you might get a glimpse of the mountain as the weather here changes every 3 minutes.. time is not our side and we had to head back to KK.. but on da way back.. saw it.. since we're on da move.. juz shoot anyway that i could n da result..

see it? on the right middle of the clouds.. well.. i guess this a way for her to say goodbye.. i believe the third time will be my lucky break to see her in full form.. we end our day by having seafood dinner at Kampung Nelayan...

Total cab fare for the day was.. jeng2.. c the meter.. haha.. that's not the actual amount.. but close (cheaper).. we were charged on a daily basis.. but dasyatkan? not every other day you could c a cab meter mahal camni..

The next day was our last at KK.. so.. time for shopping.. first stop.. n the only stop was the Philiphines Market (PM).. but i snug out for a while to the wet market to buy some.. erm ok.. lots of mushrooms.. its cheap n fresh.. great with pasta.. but when i went back to PM.. i see that the guys are in a frenzy over pearls.. nak tak nak.. i pon join.. u juz couldn't resist to buy something.. initially sikit je.. pastu.. kire akak satu.. mak satu.. anak buah.. etc2... in the end.. ka-ching!! on everage everyone spent bout RM200.. akaka.. (another hint* guys collect ur presents)

anyhow the trip was very relaxing and enjoyable.. (arrgh.. esok keje) Sabah is definately a nice place to visit.. would go there anytime to enjoy the weather.. scenery and most of all the friendly people* (big smile).. care for a vacation guys?