Tuesday, May 03, 2005

dasyatnye peterpan..

Sunday 1st May 05.. 12.40pm. Arrgh.. woke up late after a nite's marathon of Contender.. i'm plannin on goin to peterpan's gig at Planet.. show starts at 3pm.. sempat2.. Demm.. juz remembered.. got a kenduri to attend at Kelana Jaya.. Fast fwd mode and zas I'm out of da house..

On da way Aman msged me.. "r u goin to the gig?" me respond was "Yupp.. On da way" Zipped my way first to Kelana Jaya.. had my "Breakfast" of nasi minyak.. conveyed my congratulations to da lovely couple n off.. i go to pick up Aman.. it was already 30 minutes to 3.00..

Trafic was smooth till we hit Hang Tuah.. we're inching bit by bit down da Stadium Merdeka road.. stalls were already set-up selling Inol souvenirs.. trafic was really bad.. by da time we'd crawled pass Planet to park in Lot 10.. it was nearly 4.00pm.. still.. we didn'i put up our hopes.. n when we'd finally reached ther..

Haha.. Main entrance was shut closed with notice "All ticket holders must enter before 2pm".. like i had a ticket.. well.. still trying.. went inside to the back entrance and..

Same thing.. it's funny da reasons that these guys gave juz for a shot to get in.. some were..

"Can I use the toilet"

"Nak beli air laa bang"

"Kawan saya kat dalam"

n myself.. "Restoran tak bukak ke? Nak makan boleh?"

Of course none of the excuses were excepted.. but we're laughing havin fun even though we'd didn't get in.. all we could see is peterpan performing in the monitor.. no sound though.. well.. Time to split n but one last try.. the side entrance outside.. same thing.. except fans here are on the verge of breakdown.. some already had judging by their swollen eyes after crying..

As for me & Aman.. nothing to grumble about as we'd arrived late and unplanned. It's a gamble and we'd lost. Hope they would come again and perform.. perhaps at a bigger venue. Anyhow.. our time is not wasted.. diverted to Low Yatt to buy some supplies of CDRs (to burn peterpan songs).


Lenny said...

cehs.. i thot u pegi.. tadik citer cam pegi.. rerupanyer.. pegi nak tgk planet hollywood erk? bukan nak tgk peterpan.. hahahhah

kL said...

hehe.. tp niatnye nak gi tgk Peterpan.. :P