Monday, August 22, 2005

dasyatnye.. da old gym is finally closed..

looks like the day finally came.. its been buzzing arround since last year that the old gym will be closed.. last friday was the end of it.. when i went ther.. the multistation has been disassembled..

i can't exactly recall when but roughtly it must have been in march 2002 that i've started.. da guys at the gym are wonderful.. jepp n zaha r the veterans that lasts till today.. memula join mmg kena buli laa.. for me.. ade ke tingkap tengah yg sealed diorg suroh bukak.. puas aku mencari handle nk bukak.. terkena aku.. haha.. btul x Zai? by da way.. yes Zai dulu ikut aku jugak turun gym.. haa jgn teperanjat.. siap dpt gelaran "kentang".. i guess thats why he retired.. takut2 dpt gelaran lain..

i also don't exactly know why i started to go to the gym.. but niniez might hv her version of da story where she claimed i'm a different guy after LeTour.. :P hehe.. could be true since i'm not sure.. however.. eversince.. da gym has been my oasis after work.. where i go sweat out n chill with da guys.. with the opening of our new office next door.. there was also a new gym that came with it.. been ther a couple of times but we still prefer the old one.. cse..

- where else can u drop barbell & dumbell directly on the floor rite after u've done with ur routine..
- where else in the office you can shout what u want without anyone care..
- where else can u hit da gym without shoes or shirt when u forget to bring it..
- where else can u celebrate your birthday at the gym.. with food & cakes..
- where else can u find a high turnover of newbies.. since they can't bear the mental game.. :P
- where else can u find good lifting partner where sometimes they juz leave u hanging with a 100 pound bar on your chest juz for fun..

so this is a tribute to the gym that has changed my life.. from the busted lifecycle n rusted barbell.. it doesn't matter in what condition the equipments were.. its how u adapt n use whats available to you.. its truly is a private gym for us since many come and go.. i shall miss that environment very much.

Friday, August 12, 2005

dasyatnye.. offer Melia Hotel..

When someone calls and asks you whether you're busy or not? it is always polite to say "sure i've got a moment" eventhough you're busy. That's my standard answer eventhough i know that the person on the line is from a telemarketing company.

If its insurance they're selling, then it wouldn't be not much of a problem since easy to dismiss them. just you mention that you've bought the full policy and the conversation will end a brief moment afterwards. Previosly when I didn't bought my policy yet, I would inform them that I've just joined the work force and I want to spend all my monthly earnings. usually they would understand when you tell them in a nice manner.

If its a holiday package, discount card etc.. then it will be rather tricky. Some of them is rather persistant, they still ask you to listen to them eventhough stated clearly that you've not interested. In the end they're the ones that will be frustrated and mad at us when we didn't make a purchase. I don't like to be forced into buying something that i don't "plan" to buy. I would like to read and find out more about a service or a product before spending your hard earned money. (Unless on vacation :P)

Yesterday, again I've received a call from a telemarketing company, the telemarketer is promoting a discount card for Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This call was a bit different cause you can clearly distiguish that this is a newby. She was rather nervous and unprepared while promoting the package. I've stopped my work for a while to pay attention to her, she then explained that with the card it entittles me to:

- half rate for a stay at the hotel
- 3rd day free when you've stayed for 2 nites
- RM500 credit, to be used for dining at the hotel
- yada yada..

When she asks me whether I'm interested? I replied that I'm living in KL and I'm more comfortable to go back home at the end of the day. She responded by re-affirming me that the card also entittles me for discount at other Melia branches namely.. erm.. namely... couldn't find the location, she'd just mention Penang and Sabah.. but its not Melia.

To cut things short, one of the interesting perks of this discount card that I've actually want to highlight and share to you guys is:

Melia is giving 20% off when you die at its restaurant.

Got it? Die? Haha.. i guess she meant to say was "Dine".. and this was during the yada yada point above.. so you can just imagine how I'm holding my urge to laugh.. but tak sampai hati.. she'd sound very sincere.. to laugh in front of her would be rude and discouraging.. afterall dia pon nak cari makan..

well.. thats the closest that i've bought anything via the phone offer out of sympathy.. i hope she improves and be less nervous.. but to the veterans.. don't think i've soften and sucumb to your offers... i will keep my stance :P

Sunday, August 07, 2005

dasyatnye.. dinner at the hospital..

last two week was dinner at the hospital.. what? naa.. no worries it's not me.. juz visiting some of our dear mommies to be in the hospital..

first up was Ika.. well.. she's in her 8th month now when suddently a false alarm breaks.. keeping details descreet.. let me juz say that the baby decided to do some streching and mommy got bear the pain.. no pain no gain rite? :P while papa practices for the go-kart championship while driving mommy to the hospital :)

naturally.. Lenny, Yang & meself visited ika & zai (her hubby.. but err.. sometimes felt like he's the patient)whenever we could after office since ika is at ampang puteri, so it's on our way back. after office = no dinner.. and if we had our dinner first then visit ika.. it would be late etc.. so.. beli je laa makanan n berkampung kat hospital tu.. it turned out to be a new hang-out place for the week..

next up was our lass Lenny.. hmm.. ape eek.. byk sangat gelak kot? naa.. jgn mara eek.. well actually.. Len landed herself in the hospital rite after lunch hr the following week due to stomach cramps.. da cause of the cramps? well could be her turbulent coughing which pulled a muscle or side effects of the new medication..

alhamdulillah.. both of them are already out of the hospital n resting at home.. looking at it.. this may what my mom & pop had been thru my eldest brother and finally me.. enduring all the susah.. payah.. i love u mom & pop..

Ika & Len & daddies.. all the best.. insyaAllah all will be fine.. looking foward for a new member in da group.. take care.

Monday, August 01, 2005

dasyatnye.. tired but determined..

hehey.. it's been awhile since i've posted anything n same goes to ma buddies len & afza.. nowadays we're quite occupied with our work where Yang is having constant training.. Len is now handling live production.. Afza.. well he's bz too, on db restructure is it? n me on divisional web.. it doesn't sound that tuff.. but when you've got a tight dateline n 8 product owners to assist.. it's a game of keeping your head cool to keep on track.. alhamdulillah its done but juz got another assignment but this time its a dynamic page.. arrgh.. in spite of that i need to thank Syah for assisting n polishing my web skills.

on the other hand.. the one that we've least expect to make an update had done so.. surprisingly zai had revamped and updated his page.. dasyatnye.. congrats bro n keep those poetry coming..

nevertheless how busy we were.. we did manage to squeeze time to meet during lunch.. even though not all were present at any given time.. we do meet at least once throughout the week.. oh ya.. with me getting back Blackie more than two weeks back.. we’ve been havin lunch outside our office premises.. may it be bangsar area.. mid valley.. pj and sometimes as far as sri hartamas.. its a retaliation period for me since i’ve lost Blackie for nearly 3 weeks.. juz can’t get enuff driving in da car.. any excuse will do.. i guess its also a chance for me to relax in between work..

weekends.. usually I like to wake up early n do stuff like clean my room, have b’fast while watching tv or sometimes i go out for a jog.. but none of that took place few weeks back.. my room is a mess.. stuff is piling everywhere.. n forget bout breakfast or jogging.. its lunch n ready to get out when I’m up for the weekend.. i feel tired most of the time.. i guess that da toll for that extra brain crunching.. thats why I didn’t update my page for so long.. mentally I’m tired.. didn’t want to do anything complex after work..

however.. i don’t like the direction which i’m heading.. not to mentioned that I’ve gained weight thru my changing habits n appetite.. that is why wrote this update.. i want to fix myself n get back on track.. to be healthy and fit again.. so i can do both work and personal activities.. enjoying while doing it.. my goal is to lose 12 pounds in two weeks.. that way i'll stay focused and fit. juz for fun and more importantly as a motivation.. i'll be placing a bet.. if i don't manage to reach my goal.. i'll have to blanja u guys.. so wish me luck? haha..

in summary.. it has been hectic & tiring pass few weeks but.. there are moments which i’ve enjoyed like having “dinner” at the hospital with ika n da guys.. catching movies.. weekly badminton game.. completed my assignment.. n Yang’s birthday picnic.. hoping for a good week ahead n wishing u guys da same too.. :)