Monday, August 01, 2005

dasyatnye.. tired but determined..

hehey.. it's been awhile since i've posted anything n same goes to ma buddies len & afza.. nowadays we're quite occupied with our work where Yang is having constant training.. Len is now handling live production.. Afza.. well he's bz too, on db restructure is it? n me on divisional web.. it doesn't sound that tuff.. but when you've got a tight dateline n 8 product owners to assist.. it's a game of keeping your head cool to keep on track.. alhamdulillah its done but juz got another assignment but this time its a dynamic page.. arrgh.. in spite of that i need to thank Syah for assisting n polishing my web skills.

on the other hand.. the one that we've least expect to make an update had done so.. surprisingly zai had revamped and updated his page.. dasyatnye.. congrats bro n keep those poetry coming..

nevertheless how busy we were.. we did manage to squeeze time to meet during lunch.. even though not all were present at any given time.. we do meet at least once throughout the week.. oh ya.. with me getting back Blackie more than two weeks back.. we’ve been havin lunch outside our office premises.. may it be bangsar area.. mid valley.. pj and sometimes as far as sri hartamas.. its a retaliation period for me since i’ve lost Blackie for nearly 3 weeks.. juz can’t get enuff driving in da car.. any excuse will do.. i guess its also a chance for me to relax in between work..

weekends.. usually I like to wake up early n do stuff like clean my room, have b’fast while watching tv or sometimes i go out for a jog.. but none of that took place few weeks back.. my room is a mess.. stuff is piling everywhere.. n forget bout breakfast or jogging.. its lunch n ready to get out when I’m up for the weekend.. i feel tired most of the time.. i guess that da toll for that extra brain crunching.. thats why I didn’t update my page for so long.. mentally I’m tired.. didn’t want to do anything complex after work..

however.. i don’t like the direction which i’m heading.. not to mentioned that I’ve gained weight thru my changing habits n appetite.. that is why wrote this update.. i want to fix myself n get back on track.. to be healthy and fit again.. so i can do both work and personal activities.. enjoying while doing it.. my goal is to lose 12 pounds in two weeks.. that way i'll stay focused and fit. juz for fun and more importantly as a motivation.. i'll be placing a bet.. if i don't manage to reach my goal.. i'll have to blanja u guys.. so wish me luck? haha..

in summary.. it has been hectic & tiring pass few weeks but.. there are moments which i’ve enjoyed like having “dinner” at the hospital with ika n da guys.. catching movies.. weekly badminton game.. completed my assignment.. n Yang’s birthday picnic.. hoping for a good week ahead n wishing u guys da same too.. :)


Anonymous said...

May you achieve what you want.. in life, health and everything.. :) peace!!! i know you can.. :)

Lenny said...

selamat maju jaya dalam menurunkan berat badan anda sebanyak 12 pound itu.. !! heheh..

eh.. ika dah kuar wad ke blom erk?

kL said...

niniez & len.. thanks.. erm ika dah kluar last saturday.. but still home bound.

Anonymous said...

saya nak makan dekat..
hurm hurm.. aper yang paling mahal skali kat KL ni eh?

kL said...

erk.. stop eating man.. stop..

Lenny said...


Berjaya ke tak nieh? bila nak banjer kitorang? hahahaha..