Tuesday, July 12, 2005

dasyatnye.. singapore trip..

Alhamdulillah.. with all the uncertainties in our work schedules.. at last sampai gak hasrat “orang” kaya bangsar untuk menjejak kaki dibumi asing.. Like all our previous trips.. we did some homework on where to stay & what to do once in Singapore...

27th June 2005. However.. Singapore seems to be da most difficult and unpredictable trip by far.. fuh.. fenin kepala kitaorg dibuatnye esp nk carik accommodations.. nice ones semua dah fully booked.. tinggal yg cam cap “ayam” nyer (within budget laa)..

Lepas cam smua org dah putus asa.. Len pon terjumpe laa one hotel ni.. its out of the shopping area but ok laa dekat ngan MRT.. kitaorg pon dgn senang hatinya buat online booking..

tat nite kitaorg ade game badminton.. so gi main badminton jap.. tmrw nye i plak kena gi Terengganu for 2 days.. flight at 7.30 am.. so kena kluar rumah kol 5.00 am!!

28th June 2005. Bad news.. hotel yg kitaorg book online.. tak dapat cse full jugak.. i ckp ngan da geng kita redah je laa.. nnt once ther kita carik hotel.. smua setuju..

29th June 2005. Arrived home in KL by 10.00 pm.. unpack clothes and pack again for Singapore trip.. hit da deck by 1.00 am.. according to the program.. Yang & Len will pick me up in the morning..

30th June 2005. D-day.. Yang & Len came at 8.00 am.. shove my bag in the trunk n off we go to… ermm.. “breakfirst” at Projet :P after full tank.. human and car.. made our way to JB.. start off at sg besi toll at 9.20 and reached JB at quarter to one!!

Footlong for Bfast.. Good hearty meal eh..Footlong for Bfast.. Good hearty meal eh..

Singgah jap kat City Square for lunch.. scout around da vicinity for travel agent.. kot2 ble tolong book hotel.. tuff luck.. xde gak and we wasted precious time.. pas beli milo ais for lenny.. we were on our way to the car and we were about to pass by this homeless guy.. I was holding my back pack in front takut2 ade pick pocket.. a few feet passed he shouted “buukaaaak beg kaamuuuuu!!!!!”

mak aih.. terkejutz.. and my response was “ takpe.. takpe..” everyone around looked at us.. tp mmg Yang was da first one to giggle.. mmg tak tahan laa kelakar.. sbb.. pakcik tuh.. sebutan dia dengan penuh perasaan n mcm ade aura.. zaaass.. haha.. tat was da joke of da day.. still laughing while in da q at causeway.. n..

Entered Singapore by 2.30 pm.. haha.. Yang plak bile masuk Singapore bersopan-santun tuh driving.. signal.. and da tuff part for him I think to keep da car under 90 kp/h.. driving gear 4 je.. KL-JB tuh x hengat nye.. sampai x nampak meter.. navigating to our destination to orchard was a breeze with the map we’ve bought..

Tried to find accommodation with a local tour agent but.. x pat gak.. at last we took matters in our own hand after a handy advice from the tour agent.. around the area there are a few cheap hotels but.. after we’ve done some research over da internet and after a few calls.. we’ve got our hotel at Bencoolent street off Orchard road.. location wise its juz at the end of orchard and near to a MRT station.. checked in and out half an hour after for our first glimpse of great Singapore sale.. took da MRT, 2 stops ahead reached orchard and walked our way back to the hotel..

Hmm.. xde pon KLCC??Hmm..hmm.. xde pon KLCC

Did I mention da 7 -11 in front of our hotel? Mmg besh.. its our official launch pad in da morning for breakfast and retreat after whole day spent at orchard.. if I would say da ambiance is very relaxing at the 7-11 ther.. ppl would call me crazy (if u imagined the 7-11 ther same like ours) but its true.. the place is very comfortable with free wi-fi.. cheap imported chocolates.. good hot food.. tapi.. tis one for mysara.. xde pon black & white m&m’s?

7-11Chillin at 7-11

Official lunch plak throughout da trip.. was Burger King.. lepas meracun bebudak ni yg we cannot convert dr sing dollar to RM (sbb nnt x enjoy da trip n da fact dat u x compare food price) Len & Yang.. waa.. murah je ni makan berger king.. satu set baru 6 ringgit!! (in-reality 6 sg dollars) haha.. official food for me was the double rendang burger.. sedap sehh.. naseb baik derang x bwk masuk m’sia.. kalu x lingkop aku.. :P yang plak enjoyed the double BBQ turkey ham burger.. we’ve tasted most yg xde kat m’sia.. perangai I mmg camtu.. like to try something new..

Takat ni je laa dulu eek.. nnt aku sambung lagi.. ngantuk sehh.. gambar pon x sempat nk upload.. esok plak laa ye.. gudnite.

Continuation story from da trip..

Ok.. since Len & Yang had never been to Singapore.. I’ve had planned a small agenda on what to do & see.. amongst them are..

Daytime activities
1. Sentosa Island
2. Chinatown
3. Esplanade
4. Orchard road
5. Raffles Place/Plaza
6. Suntech City

Nitetime activities
1. Clark Quay (Riverside)
2. Swissotel Bar @ 70th Floor
3. Night Safari

But it turns out that we’ve spent most of our time in Singapore at Orchard Road.. For? what else? Shopping!! Item 3-6 je yg jadi.. others simply scrapped.. Actually this is the first time I’ve seen Yang turn-on bout shopping.. Slalu cam kalu kluar memane xde pon dia beli barang.. but i don’t blame him.. selection kat Singapore memang bebinau mate nak memilih.. there’s loads of quality stuffs that u can purchase at 20% to 30% cheaper.. heck.. some dunno whether its cheap or not simply bcse xde kat M’sia..

Yang tgh sindrom sangapshoppingYang in the shopping mood..

Ok bie.. yg kat atas tuh smua angkat ke cashier..Ok bie.. yg kat atas tuh smua angkat ke cashier..

Break lagi satu kali.. berape by kali break daa..Aaaahh... lepak jap..tgh makan eskrem.. n Lenny tgh tunggu Yang tgk beg..

Itu lah our daily activity sampailah ke hari yg nak balik tuh.. mmg kluar hotel kul 9.30 pagi.. & return by 11.00 at nite.. bafore naik bilik.. sempat dulu wusha "ayam" singapore n main pool.. its only on saturday nite when Zai & Ika came to join with us.. kitaorg balik hotel lambat at around 2 am kot.. cse we went to Mustafa.. the 24hrs drooling shop.. memula ingatkan kedai dia cam Mydin kat KL.. rerupanya.. cam Harrots kat London.. smua benda ble beli kat dlm kedai tuh.. dari electronics.. jewelary (x penah aku tgk gold 1 floor on display).. pharmacy.. clothes.. etc2.. da list goes on and on.. haha.. kat sini Yang bought his new LCD TV..

Break lagi..chillin out.. havin a break..kat kedai Pen SGD410.. btol Yang?

Oh ya.. dlm our buzy schedule shopping.. at least berjaya laa jugak kitaorg complete mission sebenar (well partially) trip ni iaitu makan kenduri kawin Shiima & Zam.. a fren of mine during uni dayz.. we bid u congratulations and may u be blessed with a happy life ahead as husband & wife. amin.

IMGP3719 (Medium)Isk malu laa..Bow to your King & Queen (Lesen sehari je laa)

Overall.. da trip was fun and a success (ni blom tgk cc statement).. tot da guys on my non-conversion & averaging theory (averaging = kalu dh terbeli smthing yg mahal.. beli smtg similar cheaper to average da price) haha.. its safe to say that this is a shopping trip and we shall return someday for a tour of the rest.. (yeah rite!!)