Saturday, May 28, 2005

dasyatnye.. FOS sale

Guys.. juz nak share this bizarre sale at Bangsar Village set up by Factory Outlet Store (FOS) depan supermarket.. i went there pagi semalam around 11.00 am to buy some goods for my office.. then saw this sign saying - RM 3 for a jersey.. takde laa branded tapi tiga ringgit tuh.. ble pakai buang.. haha.. material pun ok.. but demm.. x sempat nak angkat time tuh cse my bos ade n we're rushing to get back to office.. it's ok.. i though to myself petang nanti after work ble datang balik..

later that evening around 7.00pm.. went back to Bangsar Village.. but this time orang dah ramai.. n the jersey.. HABIS!! 2 basketfull of it gone.. dem x10.. evidenly when i asked the salesgirl.. dia cakap "Ada abang tu tadi beli semua skali.." Selambe.. i estimate the jersey ada dalam 80 to 100.. n semua dia beli.. dasyat tuh..

anyhow all is not loss.. they are also selling casual shirts, colar-t and t-shirts at RM 3, RM 5, RM 7 and RM 10.. its dirt cheap.. ppl are buying by the stacks.. including me which bought 3 shirts.. 2 colar-T and 3 t-shirt.. but if you're big sized.. don't waste ur time here.. they carry mostly size S, M n L (L-Limited.. x byk).. selection n design are not bad.. Ladies garments pon byk.. but mostly tops.. price also starts from RM 3 to RM 10..

So either ur on a tight budget.. or trying to save a few bucks.. while updating ur wardrobe.. this sale is definately a must.. sale is on till 6th June.. but looking at the rate its going.. i don't know if they have anything left to sell before it ends. :P

p/s: td lupe lak nak tya if other FOS outlet pon sale camni.. so if u guys know.. pls inform k. thnx.

Friday, May 20, 2005

dasyatnye.. FREE photography seminar


Sorry! kinda late for this update.. but better late than never rite.. well at least thats how it goes on that particular day of the seminar.. earlier in the morning i was at Syah's house helpin him pack for pindah rumah and due to wrong judgement in time n KL traffic..i went ther a tad late missing a bit on hardware presentation.. in the seminar met up with niniez who had guide me via sms all da way to da hotel (nama je dok KL.. tp x tau the place :P) also present on that day was mysara & phyruzze..

In general.. the topics presented has been devided into 3 main categories as below:

1) Hardware selection (Camera functions)

Higher megapixel (mp) doesn't necessarily means quality output. Ask yourself "what's your requirement?" If you just want to print 4R photos, anything above 3mp is adequate. You only need higher mp if u want to blow the picture say 15 x 12 inch. Other than that it would be a waste of money and storage.

Choose something that u are comfortable with buy it, stop comparing and start shooting pictures.

Of course there is a basis on selection and the presenter had emphasized that the camera should at least has these functionalities embeded..

a) ISO
- da lower the ISO, the finer the photo will be
- da higer the ISO, more noise in da photo

b) White balance
- to accurately capture the colour (sunlight, floresent light, light bulp etc)

c) Appreture (how big the shutter opens)
- big, background image appears blur (good for potrait)
- small, all image sharp

d) Time priority (shutter speed)
- faster to capture say sporting events
- slower for nite scene

2) Basic composition

Tips on composition:
a) A story - ur photo has a story ie. a man making pottery, or a journey
b) Simplicity
c) Contrast - Pick a contrasting object as the main focus
d) Balance
e) Framing - use tree branches as frames
f) Rule of the third - if u take arts and when drawing a scenery, 1/3 bottom would be land/water and 2/3 above would be the horizon and sky
g) Colour harmony

3) Post editing

More on the iphoto software functionalities ie. - how to manage photos, remove red-eye, straighten a photo, colour adjustments etc. A few interesting tweaking tips which he shared in iPhoto are (if you're familiar with any imaging software ie. - ACDSee, Photoshop etc. you're covered):

a) try not to use the brighness and contrast so much (or at all) as it degrades the picture quality
b) adjust the exposure bright for morning light and warm for evening
c) adjust the colur balance ie. - add magenta to make the cheeks red for a fair person.

Above are juz the geez of the presentation, a lot of it you can find on the web. If you fancy on taking it the next level and earn money for your hobby, check out these website.

1) Starting a Home Based Photography Business
2) Starting a Photography Business

Overall the seminar was informative for beginners and a refreshers for amateurs. I was expecting more on the composition tips rather than hardware, since he's a professional photographer I would like to know how to capture or what makes a good photo. If you missed it and would like to attend, there's another session coming this 25th June. You can register yourself by using the link provided below.


There used to be a photo here.. but due to an outcry over the photo of Jen Siow appearing every time viewing my blog.. I've removed his photo as requested.. :P

If you are interested in photography and looking on ways to improove.. hey.. look no further.. Apple Malaysia will be organising a FREE.. i ulang.. FREE photography seminar entitled How To Be a Photo Genius.. session is conducted by a renown Malaysian photographer Mr Jen Siow.

"He is Malaysia's pioneer in total digital photography, with 20 years experience in advertising and editorial photography."

Source: Computimes May 19th 05

Tentatively. the seminar will be held on May 28th.. Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur. from 2pm to 5pm.. It's on a saturday.. so kalau xde pape nak buat on da weekend tu why don't u give it a try.. seats are limited.. if u want try ur luck.. register urself here. I've already registered.. so tunggu ape lagi. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

dasyatnye merc lip-lap

This is the post yg Len tak sabar2 menunggu..

It was thursday nite and we were on our way back from badminton.. Yang, Len & Sharul hitched along for a ride home.. and look what we've got to re-acquainted with..

LipLap Zoom

tadaa.. lihatlah lampu2nya melintang dan terurai.. main focal point was the center piece.. it would glow a steady blue while da car is cuising and would "Lip-lap" bright purplish-reddish-tangerine colour once the driver hits da brakes.. mmg meriah laa.. haha

Lip Lap Zoom

But actually its kinda freaky jugak since we've stumble upon this car again cause we were juz talkin bout it.. everybody was excited n tak expect to see it at the same time..

Lucky we had a camera but mmg susah laa nak dptkan gambar kereta ni.. cause the road was bumpy n we could not use da flash.. kitaorg followed the car from pekeliling monorail sampai laa simpang ke keramat.. byak jugak Yang amik gambar.. but most of it was blurry.. what u see is the best..

So guys.. i don't mind people decorating their car but this one is a bit eccentric and bold with the lampu Lip-Lap on a mercedes!!... Oh well.. but seriously i think it must be a malaysian version of pimp my ride.. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

dasyatnye berpindah..

Yup.. its official.. as of Monday this week.. my department has shifted to the next building.. to make way for external tenants.. many months of speculation.. when we're shifting finally came.. Our department since last week lagi dah busy packing.. lucky for me.. my stuff aren't many but penat gak laa.. sbb tolong akak2 kat sini dismantle & packing pc.. :)

Anyhow.. for my friends yg still remain kat menara or yg malas nk jenguk aku sbb jauh.. here's a view of my workstation.. and the surrounding area..

My workstation.. its half the size of menara's but.. cozy..

Da view in front of me.. my AGM's cubicle.. n thru da window.. view of menara..

Da view to my right.. my GM's room..

Da view to my left.. the managers cubicles.. things are mostly in boxes.. didn't hav time to unpack due to meetings..

Last but not least.. da view behind me..

And if u guys nak jalan2 tgk ma new offis.. i'm on the 5th floor.. u can find ur way round by reffering the floor plan.. i'm no 89. Nak senang lagi kol je laa..

One thing i like the most bout tis building is the parking.. senang and banyak gile compared to menara.. nk bawak kete time lunch pon no wurries to find parking spot bile balik.. yelaa x ramai lagi kan.. anyhow i shall enjoy tis while it lasts.. :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

dasyatnye alif..

The other day I've dropped by at my brothers place and look what I've stumbled upon..

Haha.. its my nephew Alif eating pizza.. he'd a little bit under the weather hence the cloth on his forehead.. however.. juz look how he's enjoying da pizza..

Siap sila panggung yg mahal tuh... anyhow.. feel free to put ur own dialog in relation to da photos juz for fun :P

Photo 1: "Hmm.. Best gak citer ni.."

Photo 2: "Change da channel n u'll get it buddy.."

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

dasyatnye peterpan..

Sunday 1st May 05.. 12.40pm. Arrgh.. woke up late after a nite's marathon of Contender.. i'm plannin on goin to peterpan's gig at Planet.. show starts at 3pm.. sempat2.. Demm.. juz remembered.. got a kenduri to attend at Kelana Jaya.. Fast fwd mode and zas I'm out of da house..

On da way Aman msged me.. "r u goin to the gig?" me respond was "Yupp.. On da way" Zipped my way first to Kelana Jaya.. had my "Breakfast" of nasi minyak.. conveyed my congratulations to da lovely couple n off.. i go to pick up Aman.. it was already 30 minutes to 3.00..

Trafic was smooth till we hit Hang Tuah.. we're inching bit by bit down da Stadium Merdeka road.. stalls were already set-up selling Inol souvenirs.. trafic was really bad.. by da time we'd crawled pass Planet to park in Lot 10.. it was nearly 4.00pm.. still.. we didn'i put up our hopes.. n when we'd finally reached ther..

Haha.. Main entrance was shut closed with notice "All ticket holders must enter before 2pm".. like i had a ticket.. well.. still trying.. went inside to the back entrance and..

Same thing.. it's funny da reasons that these guys gave juz for a shot to get in.. some were..

"Can I use the toilet"

"Nak beli air laa bang"

"Kawan saya kat dalam"

n myself.. "Restoran tak bukak ke? Nak makan boleh?"

Of course none of the excuses were excepted.. but we're laughing havin fun even though we'd didn't get in.. all we could see is peterpan performing in the monitor.. no sound though.. well.. Time to split n but one last try.. the side entrance outside.. same thing.. except fans here are on the verge of breakdown.. some already had judging by their swollen eyes after crying..

As for me & Aman.. nothing to grumble about as we'd arrived late and unplanned. It's a gamble and we'd lost. Hope they would come again and perform.. perhaps at a bigger venue. Anyhow.. our time is not wasted.. diverted to Low Yatt to buy some supplies of CDRs (to burn peterpan songs).