Friday, April 29, 2005

dasyatnye birthday.. erm no.. iron lady..

Yesterday was an eventful evening.. went out to celebrate Lenny's birthday at Soul'ed Out.. every year as usual we would celebrate it together with our closest friends since our birthdays are not far apart..

Initially i thought that i couldn't make it bacause my gym buddies had booked me.. no details were provided except a convincing threat of what would happened if i bailed out last minute.. so after work i've meet up with them and...

Surprise!! Surprise!!

It turns out that they had secretly organised a birthday celeb for me.. thanks u guys for organizing this for me.. am very lucky to have friends like u.. the cheese cake was really nice.. pandai ko pilih Zaha.. tak sia2 tambah 4 pound balik.. ;P anyhow malam ni on ok.. satay at KLJ.

Ok.. back to Lenny's bufday bash.. it turns out this year we had an additional member to our annual event.. which is the giggly Ninie, lovely miss laydiefa, cute miss mysara and cool dude Andrew Adrian..

However.. this year an eating competition was held to spice up the event. Here.. the participants are listening to briefing of the competition.. Everyone understood what to do and the tittle at steak..

and.. the competition begins..

Not giving up.. here's Zai having a hard time finishing his meal midway of the competition...

Even our bufday gurl had a go in the competition..

But in the end it all prevails.. and the tittle goes to this one extraordinay lady which had amazed us throughout this competition.. and that person is no other than...

Zainee!!! Wow.. juz look at at the spread and whats left.. barely anything.. see what i mean.. lucky that Andrew Adrian acted fast.. if not.. even the onion rings.. "settle".. So Zainee.. congratulation for being the "Iron Lady" of the competition..

Hehe.. Zainee.. jgn mara eek.. saje je suke2..

later on.. Din and Akai joined for a slice of the bufday cake..

Overall.. it was a fun and entertaining outing.. it doesn't bug as much that the food isn't that good.. but to be among good friends that all it matters.. :)

p/s. As a consolation.. the venue and service at Soul'ed Out was excellent. Neva know if u didn't try.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

dasyatnye.. birthday Lenny laa..

Fuh.. bantal tuh nampak tempting je.. penat daa baru balik main badminton.. haha dgn korang gak.. anyhow before i sleep..





Kind.. n


Those are a few of the qualities that came accross immedeately in my mind when describing this special person.. I'm confident that anyone who had the opportunity to know this person is privilaged as what are described is true..

This wonderful person is no other than my dearest friend.. Lenny :)

Its your birthday today.. so gurl.. I wish u a very "Happy Birthday!!" Have a wonderful weekend ahead..


Thank you for being all the thing i've described :)

p/s: u guys.. if you have other qualities to add.. feel free to do so for our friend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

dasyatnye land below the wind

Last week i was out of town for a product roadshow.. to be specific i was in Kota Kinabalu.. the land below the wind..

Since this is the last trip that I'll be making.. at least untill we complete another new product.. most probably in a years time.. On that note I've decided to indulge myself with a little treat >:-> So..

I've upgraded my flight to business class.. wohoo.. tapi one-way je laa kan.. kalu both ways koyak laa..

8.00 am Made the change early morning at KL Sentral and checked-in straight at the counter with the "pijak lemas" carpet.. :0 my flight was in the afternoon.. so went to office first.. besides there are other members that will be joining..

1.15 pm Off to KLIA via ERL.. in the photo from left.. my boss, pn Suriya with her son, Naj, uncle Lim (juz another passenger je tp bagi je laa name kan?) and me..

2.00 pm Reached KLIA and into the Golden Lounge..

Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes so I have additional time to enjoy.. yay!! 10 minutes before flight an announcement was made and i'd made my way towards the gate to board the aircraft.. on the boarding bridge we could see the plane right? n i was expecting a Boeing 777 but turns out i got a 737.. damn @#@%&$*&.. i'm a bit frustrated cause i specifically choose the flight to try 777 business class.. (mcm laa pernah naik yg 737 puyner)..

anyhow i took it with a pinch of salt n enjoyed the flight.. the seat was very wide n comfy.. there's about 5 inches room on the side when i'm in the seat.. 20 minutes into the flight n food from the lounge barely digesting.. they served "lunch" once again.. so now i know what the extra space on the seat is for.. it is for you to grow fat with the food they keep serving.. anyhow.. food was ok but not excellent.

6.00 pm or so touched down at Kota Kinabalu International Airport.. Shook the hand of my neighbour during flight, bid him a pleasant n successful business trip to Taipei.. met up with the guys n made a move to our Hotel.. Sutera Harbour Pacific.

Nuthing much happend that nite.. had our dinner.. photo on the right is at the waterfront where we had no idea what to eat.. rest of the nite wnet back to the hotel and explored the grounds and i must say apart from the vast facilities.. the hotel has many live music goin on simultaneously.. you can either louch at the Megalant.. hang at the Pacific or bang at the KK Club.. eventually we went to bed around midnight.. but in the morning.. Wallah!!

juz look at that view.. breath taking.. gorgeous.. can't see much the night before but in the day.. wow! "Lucky" that i've woke up early so.. had time to hit the gym.. shower.. b'fast n off to work.. by lunch we're already done n..

an imprompt agenda came up.. we called for 2 cabs which we've hooked up the night before.. n off we go to the foot of mount Kinabalu.. the journey took an hour 45 one way.. on the way stopped at Pekan Nabalu to check out the local handycrafts.. the weather is already cool at this area.. bought few stuff for da guys back home.. *hint - kindly collect ur goodies

continued our journey and another 30 minutes up* da road (*we're still climbing).. we've reached Kinabalu Park.. but the road is foggy as you can see in the photo.. everybody kept quite as an eerie feeling looms.. jeng2.. haha.. alhamdulillah.. xde pape.. so we lepak@da.park for an hour or so and had lots of photo opportunity (hmm.. most probably kena bukak photopages acc kan?) here are a few of them..

Below is a photo of mount Kinabalu hiding in da fog.. there's actually a valley down below on the left.. a waterfall.. which i'm certain it'll be very beautiful on a clear day.. anyhow took this photo at Timpohon Gate.. this is where all climb to mount Kinabalu starts..

its hard to get a good photo with the fog and all.. but if you'r patient.. you might get a glimpse of the mountain as the weather here changes every 3 minutes.. time is not our side and we had to head back to KK.. but on da way back.. saw it.. since we're on da move.. juz shoot anyway that i could n da result..

see it? on the right middle of the clouds.. well.. i guess this a way for her to say goodbye.. i believe the third time will be my lucky break to see her in full form.. we end our day by having seafood dinner at Kampung Nelayan...

Total cab fare for the day was.. jeng2.. c the meter.. haha.. that's not the actual amount.. but close (cheaper).. we were charged on a daily basis.. but dasyatkan? not every other day you could c a cab meter mahal camni..

The next day was our last at KK.. so.. time for shopping.. first stop.. n the only stop was the Philiphines Market (PM).. but i snug out for a while to the wet market to buy some.. erm ok.. lots of mushrooms.. its cheap n fresh.. great with pasta.. but when i went back to PM.. i see that the guys are in a frenzy over pearls.. nak tak nak.. i pon join.. u juz couldn't resist to buy something.. initially sikit je.. pastu.. kire akak satu.. mak satu.. anak buah.. etc2... in the end.. ka-ching!! on everage everyone spent bout RM200.. akaka.. (another hint* guys collect ur presents)

anyhow the trip was very relaxing and enjoyable.. (arrgh.. esok keje) Sabah is definately a nice place to visit.. would go there anytime to enjoy the weather.. scenery and most of all the friendly people* (big smile).. care for a vacation guys?

Monday, April 18, 2005 official vehicle

Thursday, 14th April 2005. Yup.. its official.. bout 8.30 pm or so.. pick up my Gen-2 at Proton Edar Seksyen 13, PJ. Afza tagged along since he has time to kill before meeting up with a friend. U can check out the car's launching at Afza's blog or so he calls it. Afza calls it "Blackie".. eventhough i didn't name it, but i think it gonna stick for a while.

Iqbal fixing da "bee sting" while i was adjustin da mirror..

I thought tat it will be a quick process collecting the car.. boy i was wrong.. it turned the other way round but for a good cause.. evidently proton has prepared a checklist to its customer to go through before handing over of the car.. so we spent 15 minutes signing documents and at least 40 minutes inspecting the car.. fiddling with all the lever and contol buttons in the car.. checking the engine.. exterior.. yadda.. yada.. u get the idea.. end point is.. it's my first new car purchase and the experience has been pleasant.

as u can see in da photo that i've chosen 1440 for my reg number.. now why did i do that? Short story is.. way back 18 years or so my family bought our first Proton.. it was a saga aeroback with reg number BCP 1440.. travel a lot in that car and there were many memories attached since it served us 10 years or so.. it wasn't the digital age yet back then so i don't think i hav a photo of the car :( i guess its a tribute to the car that served us well.. hopefully tis car will serve me good as well :)

Left: err.. Tan Sri Apza launching da car? i x think so.. Right: Me inspecting da engine..

4 days passed and i've managed to clock 490km on the odometer .. another 510km to go before its first servicing and more importantly.. the "run-in" period will be over.. well u guys.. now i finally can go anywhere on my own without hitching a ride.. but thanks u guys.. esp to Zai, Yang, Len and Afza.. for transporting me around for our activities over the years.. hope i could do the same to all u guys.. and not to forget my family as well.. for always being ther :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

dasyatnye mee rebus Ramli

Hehe.. more bout food.. sori but i juz couldn't resist to share good food.. As mentioned earlier in dasyatnye Batu Caves.. I was in ipoh.. it was the last leg of our (Pn Suriya, Filzah, Izhar & me) roadshow of the week after Penang and Malacca. If u're ever in ipoh.. do look for a shop called "Restoran Mee Rebus Ramli"..

i've first tasted the mee when my bro packed home some a few yrs back.. ma memory triggered its deliciousness.. imidiately i've called him for directions.. got it!! the shop is situated on Jalan Raja Ikram opposite a bridal house.. sounds easy but initially we did have some trouble finding da shop n i was terrified if da food wasn't gonna be as good as before (as i insisted n recommended da shop).. parking is relatively easy in the alley beside the shop...

entering the shop.. u feel as if u're in a fastfood restaurant.. it was very clean and the counter.. juz like mcd.. anyhow.. ordered our mee and drinks.. and..

erm.. round one..

haha.. didn't hav a chance to take photo.. so..

ting!! round two..

yeah2.. few pound up.. so what? it was defininately worth it.. but i did share the second bowl half:half.. as u can see in da photo.. the kuah is juz rite.. not too cair.. n not too pekat.. generous on da cucur.. taokua (tauhu).. n egg.. da taste.. erm.. susah nak describe laa.. but trust me.. sedap..

Finished our lunch n i was happy that everyone liked it.. so its time to head back to KL but wait.. tapau dulu.. everyone tapaued (got such word ka?) a few packets for their family.. inclusive me for ma "bro n parents".. n erm.. when reached home.. i ate another half since it look so tasty when they're eating.. :)

Monday, April 04, 2005

dasyatnye Batu Caves

Hehe.. thnx Len for da kind reminder in my Tag Board "fuh fuh fuh.." Da story of dasyatnye Batu Caves goes when we (Zai, Ika, Yang, Len & me) were on our way back from kampung Lenny. Semua org kenyang from Lenny's mom delicious home cooking n sugarhigh from cococruch that we've been munching in da car. Ika dozed off or seems to be.

Enroute towards home using da highway blakang rumah (dunno wats it is called.. but its da highway fr UIA linkin to Damansara Damai, Sg Buluh etc) we had to pass by Batu Caves. Noticing a bondfire on top of the steps in front the mouth of the cave.. i pointed it out to da guys..

Me: weih korang.. ade api laa kat atas tu..
Len: Mane? (Lenny as always, asking innocently n sincerely)
Me: tu kat atas.. tu.. (pointing it)
Yang: Haa percaya laa ckp Malik tu..

No point arguing as we were bout to pass da point where da fire was no longer visible.. i then..

Me: Eh.. korang tau tak org dok pakai tangga ni untuk training.. lari naik turun.. Suresh slalu training kat sini..
Len: A'ah.. same laa cam kat Tasik Perdana tu pon ade org dok training..
Me: a'ah btol
Len: (pause) Sian kan.. kalu org2 tua yg panjat naik tu sure penat..

Trafic was mild and as we move along.. at the other part of the hill.. i noticed tat there was another cave at the foothill.. which is brightly lighted in da inside n da entrance was nicely decorated. Smthing clicked n..

Me: Len.. tgk! kat dlm tu ade lift
Len: (Still in her innocent mode) Ye ke ni?
Me: Iyea.. btol.. cuba u tgk btol2..
Len: Ak'aa laa.. waa senang laa org2 tua nak naik ke atas..

Fast to catch on.. Zai.. join in for da kill..

Zai: Bukan tu je.. ni kire dia nyer service lift untuk sami dia.. kelape.. minyak semua ble angkut.. tak payah sesesah nak angkut kat tangge..

Even Yang knows tat we're pulling her leg n even he'd joined by concuring..

Len: Ic.. bagus eek derang buat camtu.. senang..

At tat point everybody (including Ika which we thought was sleeping) juz couldn't stand it anymore n gigling.. we couldn't believe dat we've managed to convinced her tat ther was a lift at Batu Caves.. in the end da containment broke n we all started to laugh our lungs out.. it was da joke of da day.. only awhile after tat she'd realised tat she's been had.. even then she'd would join us laughing till tears were in our eyes..

Len: Bongek tul korang.. bi.. u pon join skali.. hahaha

Hmm.. Its hard to capture da moment in writing.. but i bet that this story will be remembered us n be told generations to come.. on how dasyatnye Batu Caves.

Juz a short note.. I've recently went to Ipoh on duty.. took a photo of..

Tokong at Tambun, Ipoh.

I didn't ask da amoi selling da limau bali.. but i can assure you tat there is NO LIFT here also.. :)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

dasyatnye sticky survey

Hmm.. i would imagine if tse kind of survey were conducted in da US.. i guess not many will participate in suspicion of getting nabbed by da agencies for possessing illegal downloaded music.. well.. tats not da case for us.. in da spirit of Malaysia Boleh.. Currently we are free from tse kind of fears.. So.. dear Laydiefa.. here are my answers to the survey..

One) What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
~ 7.45 gigs at home and 12 gigs or so at da office. I like music n will generally listen to anything.. oldies.. retro.. 90's.. alternative.. rock.. jpop.. kpop.. instumental.. in other words.. anything which pleases me.. but tse few are my favourite.. Foo Fighters, Cranberries, Corrs, G&R, Linkin Park, Elvis, Sixpence None the Richer, RHCP, Sugar Ray, Kiroro, Billy Joel, Beatles, Berlinda Carlise, Metallica, Sheila on 7, Sheila Majid and many more.

Two) The CD you last bought?
~ erm.. it was smwhere in da middle of last year.. bought a stack of 100 CDRs.. more recently.. DVD-Rs.. music CD's.. well if da music label would stick to their end of the bargain to lower the prices of CD's then i would consider.. but da current price at RM 45 a CD is ridiculous.. only will purchase CD from artise which i really like.

Twee) What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
~ Good Charlotte - i just wanna live

Four) Write down five songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

~ wow.. five huh.. no promises but here goes..

1. The Lion Sleeps Tonite by N'Sync
~ It was on da bufday of a buddy/hsemate of mine way back when we were studying.. We know tat he liked tis song n decided to give it as da bufday present.. intentionally we pretend tat we've forgotten his bufday.. cut da story short.. afew minute before midnite.. set da volume high n played da song.. a few moment later our bufday boy came running down da stairs screaming.. uweeeeeeeeeeeee... (juz like in da song) wish him happy birthday but da happy look in his face was.. :)

2. Miraie by Kiroro
~ This kindergarten teacher never fails to impress everytime i listen to tis song.. beautiful voice.. full of emotion.. makes we wanna go to her class and listen to her all day long..

3. In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley
~ Appart from da song about a boy born and died in da ghetto.. I believe it is da best song by da King himself at least from m point of view.. brings out all bass tones and true quality of his voice.

4. Sebuah Kisah Klasik by Sheila on 7
~ It was used in a montage during the closing ceremony of our month long Mgmt Training Program.. in Terengganu.. i guess da song selection was rite with all da photos in B&W flashing showing our activities.. nostalgia..

5. Little Darlin by The Diamons
~ Can't really describe it.. you have to listen to either hate it or find it funny.. but i like it.

6? Dia by Cokelat
~ Harmonically assuring.. a feel good song..

five) Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why.
~ as u can clearly c.. ther r only 3 ppl in the link on da right.. below is da reason why..

Apza - Juz got acquainted 2 years back at work place.. studied at da same uni but nvr crossed due to diff faculty.. even though he's in da sam cecipanz group.. i'm curious to know what type of music u listen to?

- known way back while studing at uni.. i know da music tat he likes but dude.. time to update ur blog laa..

Yang - Len.. ur name Laydiefa dah pilih.. Yang ko kena tulun aku.. dah xde sape nieh...