Monday, April 04, 2005

dasyatnye Batu Caves

Hehe.. thnx Len for da kind reminder in my Tag Board "fuh fuh fuh.." Da story of dasyatnye Batu Caves goes when we (Zai, Ika, Yang, Len & me) were on our way back from kampung Lenny. Semua org kenyang from Lenny's mom delicious home cooking n sugarhigh from cococruch that we've been munching in da car. Ika dozed off or seems to be.

Enroute towards home using da highway blakang rumah (dunno wats it is called.. but its da highway fr UIA linkin to Damansara Damai, Sg Buluh etc) we had to pass by Batu Caves. Noticing a bondfire on top of the steps in front the mouth of the cave.. i pointed it out to da guys..

Me: weih korang.. ade api laa kat atas tu..
Len: Mane? (Lenny as always, asking innocently n sincerely)
Me: tu kat atas.. tu.. (pointing it)
Yang: Haa percaya laa ckp Malik tu..

No point arguing as we were bout to pass da point where da fire was no longer visible.. i then..

Me: Eh.. korang tau tak org dok pakai tangga ni untuk training.. lari naik turun.. Suresh slalu training kat sini..
Len: A'ah.. same laa cam kat Tasik Perdana tu pon ade org dok training..
Me: a'ah btol
Len: (pause) Sian kan.. kalu org2 tua yg panjat naik tu sure penat..

Trafic was mild and as we move along.. at the other part of the hill.. i noticed tat there was another cave at the foothill.. which is brightly lighted in da inside n da entrance was nicely decorated. Smthing clicked n..

Me: Len.. tgk! kat dlm tu ade lift
Len: (Still in her innocent mode) Ye ke ni?
Me: Iyea.. btol.. cuba u tgk btol2..
Len: Ak'aa laa.. waa senang laa org2 tua nak naik ke atas..

Fast to catch on.. Zai.. join in for da kill..

Zai: Bukan tu je.. ni kire dia nyer service lift untuk sami dia.. kelape.. minyak semua ble angkut.. tak payah sesesah nak angkut kat tangge..

Even Yang knows tat we're pulling her leg n even he'd joined by concuring..

Len: Ic.. bagus eek derang buat camtu.. senang..

At tat point everybody (including Ika which we thought was sleeping) juz couldn't stand it anymore n gigling.. we couldn't believe dat we've managed to convinced her tat ther was a lift at Batu Caves.. in the end da containment broke n we all started to laugh our lungs out.. it was da joke of da day.. only awhile after tat she'd realised tat she's been had.. even then she'd would join us laughing till tears were in our eyes..

Len: Bongek tul korang.. bi.. u pon join skali.. hahaha

Hmm.. Its hard to capture da moment in writing.. but i bet that this story will be remembered us n be told generations to come.. on how dasyatnye Batu Caves.

Juz a short note.. I've recently went to Ipoh on duty.. took a photo of..

Tokong at Tambun, Ipoh.

I didn't ask da amoi selling da limau bali.. but i can assure you tat there is NO LIFT here also.. :)


Lenny said...

cis cis cis... tipah tertipu lagiiiiii..... jahat aa korang.. saje tauuu..mana la i tau kat situh takder lift... dah mmg nampak cam ada lubang pastuh ada lampu2 pastuh ada pekerja.. ingat mmg ada lift aaa.... jahat tau korang kene kan i...

kL said...

tapi kan.. kita gelak terbahak2 tu kan.. at least i think we burned a few calories.. so kire compensate laa yg kite pulun kat kg u earlier.. thnx Len..

Lenny said...

yeaaa riiiteee... and making me the clown la erk? hahaha.. sampai next generation la lawak nieh tau.. nanti u lalu ngan anak u kat batu caves sure u cakap.. "dulu.. kawan ayah percaya... kat dlm batu caves nieh ada lift... bla bla bla.."

tapi tah2.. by that time mmg ada lift dalam batu caves kot? who knows kan? hahahaha...

kL said...

insyaAllah.. ntah2 nanti.. siap ade roller coaster.. theme park laa tu..