Tuesday, April 26, 2005

dasyatnye land below the wind

Last week i was out of town for a product roadshow.. to be specific i was in Kota Kinabalu.. the land below the wind..

Since this is the last trip that I'll be making.. at least untill we complete another new product.. most probably in a years time.. On that note I've decided to indulge myself with a little treat >:-> So..

I've upgraded my flight to business class.. wohoo.. tapi one-way je laa kan.. kalu both ways koyak laa..

8.00 am Made the change early morning at KL Sentral and checked-in straight at the counter with the "pijak lemas" carpet.. :0 my flight was in the afternoon.. so went to office first.. besides there are other members that will be joining..

1.15 pm Off to KLIA via ERL.. in the photo from left.. my boss, pn Suriya with her son, Naj, uncle Lim (juz another passenger je tp bagi je laa name kan?) and me..

2.00 pm Reached KLIA and into the Golden Lounge..

Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes so I have additional time to enjoy.. yay!! 10 minutes before flight an announcement was made and i'd made my way towards the gate to board the aircraft.. on the boarding bridge we could see the plane right? n i was expecting a Boeing 777 but turns out i got a 737.. damn @#@%&$*&.. i'm a bit frustrated cause i specifically choose the flight to try 777 business class.. (mcm laa pernah naik yg 737 puyner)..

anyhow i took it with a pinch of salt n enjoyed the flight.. the seat was very wide n comfy.. there's about 5 inches room on the side when i'm in the seat.. 20 minutes into the flight n food from the lounge barely digesting.. they served "lunch" once again.. so now i know what the extra space on the seat is for.. it is for you to grow fat with the food they keep serving.. anyhow.. food was ok but not excellent.

6.00 pm or so touched down at Kota Kinabalu International Airport.. Shook the hand of my neighbour during flight, bid him a pleasant n successful business trip to Taipei.. met up with the guys n made a move to our Hotel.. Sutera Harbour Pacific.

Nuthing much happend that nite.. had our dinner.. photo on the right is at the waterfront where we had no idea what to eat.. rest of the nite wnet back to the hotel and explored the grounds and i must say apart from the vast facilities.. the hotel has many live music goin on simultaneously.. you can either louch at the Megalant.. hang at the Pacific or bang at the KK Club.. eventually we went to bed around midnight.. but in the morning.. Wallah!!

juz look at that view.. breath taking.. gorgeous.. can't see much the night before but in the day.. wow! "Lucky" that i've woke up early so.. had time to hit the gym.. shower.. b'fast n off to work.. by lunch we're already done n..

an imprompt agenda came up.. we called for 2 cabs which we've hooked up the night before.. n off we go to the foot of mount Kinabalu.. the journey took an hour 45 one way.. on the way stopped at Pekan Nabalu to check out the local handycrafts.. the weather is already cool at this area.. bought few stuff for da guys back home.. *hint - kindly collect ur goodies

continued our journey and another 30 minutes up* da road (*we're still climbing).. we've reached Kinabalu Park.. but the road is foggy as you can see in the photo.. everybody kept quite as an eerie feeling looms.. jeng2.. haha.. alhamdulillah.. xde pape.. so we lepak@da.park for an hour or so and had lots of photo opportunity (hmm.. most probably kena bukak photopages acc kan?) here are a few of them..

Below is a photo of mount Kinabalu hiding in da fog.. there's actually a valley down below on the left.. a waterfall.. which i'm certain it'll be very beautiful on a clear day.. anyhow took this photo at Timpohon Gate.. this is where all climb to mount Kinabalu starts..

its hard to get a good photo with the fog and all.. but if you'r patient.. you might get a glimpse of the mountain as the weather here changes every 3 minutes.. time is not our side and we had to head back to KK.. but on da way back.. saw it.. since we're on da move.. juz shoot anyway that i could n da result..

see it? on the right middle of the clouds.. well.. i guess this a way for her to say goodbye.. i believe the third time will be my lucky break to see her in full form.. we end our day by having seafood dinner at Kampung Nelayan...

Total cab fare for the day was.. jeng2.. c the meter.. haha.. that's not the actual amount.. but close (cheaper).. we were charged on a daily basis.. but dasyatkan? not every other day you could c a cab meter mahal camni..

The next day was our last at KK.. so.. time for shopping.. first stop.. n the only stop was the Philiphines Market (PM).. but i snug out for a while to the wet market to buy some.. erm ok.. lots of mushrooms.. its cheap n fresh.. great with pasta.. but when i went back to PM.. i see that the guys are in a frenzy over pearls.. nak tak nak.. i pon join.. u juz couldn't resist to buy something.. initially sikit je.. pastu.. kire akak satu.. mak satu.. anak buah.. etc2... in the end.. ka-ching!! on everage everyone spent bout RM200.. akaka.. (another hint* guys collect ur presents)

anyhow the trip was very relaxing and enjoyable.. (arrgh.. esok keje) Sabah is definately a nice place to visit.. would go there anytime to enjoy the weather.. scenery and most of all the friendly people* (big smile).. care for a vacation guys?


Lenny said...

i want i want i wantttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.... to go vacation at KK.. jom malik jom.... jom jom jom!! (sambil lompat2 lagik)

heheh... hint kene collect souvenirs tuh.. applicable lagik ker? :D

kL said...

while stock last ;)

Anonymous said...

hihihihi... cam besttt jer.. :)

Lenny said...

okes... i booked ..... ada lagik ker stock? hahahhahaha.... jom la pegi KK... jom laa... :))

Anonymous said...

envy lagikkkkk..

Lenny said...


you can collect yours too.. g jek mintak kat malik tuu....:))

besides... ada lagik la kan.. maklumla.. malik nieh glamer... ramai peminat..hahhaa..