Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wild West Experience

It’s been a while since a western movie hit the silver screen. If I am not mistaken, the last good movie in this genre is Tombstone by Kevin Costner about the legendary Wyatt Earp; officer of law and feared gunslinger. Other old time favourite includes The Magnificent Seven, Maverick and anything from Charles Bronson or Clint Eastwood.

Apart from the settlement of petty issues through the end of a Point 45 Magnum or Winchester Rifle (thank god that period has passed), I am always fascinated with the simplicity of a cowboys life. Almost everything owned or consumed is worked with own sweat and effort. However that the romantic representation from Hollywood, we will never know for sure unless we’re in that era.

The only thing that burned in my mind as result of watching lots of western is: I always imagined myself as a cowboy in a dessert, whenever I am eating baked beans with eggs and using only a fork of course but no hat :P

Moving along and interested to experience more on the cowboy culture, I’ve stumbled upon the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show (a/k/a rodeoHOUSTON). This is a one stop cowboy experience event that last for almost a month held next year from 3rd till 22nd March 2009. There are rodeo shows, square dancing, country music, authentic western barbeque, gun slinging and of course real cowboys. There are also many activities for both grown-ups and children whom you can participate; I am looking forward to have a go of shooting a rifle, 0.45 Magnum and trail rides.

Looks like I have to sell lots of stuff on eBay to set some budget, if I plan to go. Its going to be quite a task with the recent fuel price hike and hopefully by the time I’m going, there are still RodeoHouston tickets available. Oh well, in the mean time better I practice my Yeeehaaaaww!!

Take A Hike

Yesterday, most of us experienced the massive traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur due to the recent announcement of fuel price hike. I don't want to elaborate on the road conditions that day nor on the fuel price.

However I would like to share on my total bill for dinner that night at a mamak outlet. Its only been a few hours since the price hike announced and food prices suddenly went up also. The tandoori chicken which I ate rose RM 1 from RM 5.50 to RM 6.50 and Beehun Sup remains at RM 4.50 even though ordered without egg. When complained, the mamak only says that with or without egg it remains the same.

Recently I've been careful with my expenses and finding cheaper substitutes for my needs and wants. Example; instead of eating at the mall's food court after a movie and drink coffee at Starbucks, we go for a cheaper venue such as mamak, SS2 etc. But if the food court has reasonably priced food items, we usually resort to eating there.

Back to the mamak, I will never go there anymore. Worse case, I'll cook my dinner at home; it's fresher and more delicious even though its only baked beans and eggs. I wonder how will the current weak government control such act and inflation. Sight* I'd better stock up food to cook.