Sunday, July 20, 2008

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Need More Space

Things in my room are getting out of hand; boxes, magazines, bills, pedals, speakers, bowling ball, wires are literally everywhere. I've meant to tidy things up but I'm all pooped out after work. Weekends are the only days left for me to really crash out, chill out, hang with the parents, but mostly I'm going to be in front of the tele watching movies, eat and dozed off on the couch.

This weekend however, I was forced to clean up my room as am about to receive a new bed. Out goes four large black plastic bags of my uni notes, couple of bags, parcel boxes semi eaten by white ants, very old pc magazines, hundreds of VCDs and Software/Games CDs; oh well! Lots of stuff went out. It's difficult to keep thing tidy as I have TOO MUCH stuff in it.

Every venture or hobby I've done, usually followed with books and gear. I've done bowling, guitar, music, fly fishing and etc. On top of that I seem to have a habit of collecting everything nice; pins, badges, keychains, coke cans/bottles, model cars and etc. Some of em started by my brother.

As I'm writing this, my room still not 'cleared'. Have to do it slowly, to keep myself motivated and make it neat rather than just to shove everything clear. Good luck for me huh? :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni Optical

I have been thinking of getting an additional specticals specifically for night driving for quite some time. I need a pair to filter-out the glares emitted from on-coming cars, which blurs my vision if it is too bright. This is the result of working in-front of a computer 8 hours daily since 2001.

I've always been put off going for a pair due to the price and an excuse of 'no time'. However since I've stumbled upon, I now considering to get one since it's cheaper and no hassle of going to the shop. Besides, when the package comes; it is like receiving a gift, all exiting to see the content. Head over to to check out further.

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Keep Things Up To Date

I have just learn today that my thumbdrive was infected, yet again by virus. This is the one where you have to use explorer to view your files instead of direct from my computer window. Dang!! More time wasted just to sort out this annoyances.

Why can't people keep their virus definition up to date or schedule run a virus scan. I usually avoid plugging my thumbdrive other people's PC, however yesterday I had no choice; and the result is infected. I'm lucky though it's not the really malicious type which deletes all the files.

Remember guys, to always update your virus definitions, backup your files and avoid plugging your thumbdrive to another PC which you are not familiar with.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stylish New Spectical Frames Within Budget

Wearing specticals since standard 4, I have my fair share of different frame styles throughout the years. May it be big, round, squarish, plastic, metal or rimless one thing remains constant with my increasing power is the price of the specticals themselves.

However, at you can purchase prescription glasses online at a cheaper price as they are also the manufacturer of spectical frames. So you eliminate the cost of middleman and overhead of a storefront. At you have a wide selection of cool and stylish frames to choose from. Head over to for more info or renew your look.

Free Trial from F-Secure

If you don't already have any sort of Antivirus installed in your PC, why not give F-Secure Internet Security 2008 a try. F-Secure is currently offering a free protection on till end of this year for PC and Mobile devices.

I have used both of the F-Secure products listed above and based on my experience; the PC based Antivirus or Internet Security from F-Secure has been good. Many of the viruses or malware has been detected, especially from neighboring thumbdrives and it doesn't use too much Windows resources as compared to Norton.

The mobile security I've tested on my symbian based phone, and I find it quite memory intensive and slows down you phone. But again, this was 2 years back when phones processing power and internal ROM is low.

So there you have it, I hope by sharing this links and serials; it helps to save some cost and beneficial for you. If interested, proceed to download and use the following serial number:

F-Secure Internet Security 2008
Download here :
Subscription number : U5RB-7JL4-9AE2-J5ZZ-9RQR (Valid till 31st December 2008)

F-Secure Mobile Security
Download here :
Subscription number : 0SE8-TEYH-95K4 (Valid till 31st December 2008)

p/s : Some additional info on F-Secure Antivirus Review