Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Free Trial from F-Secure

If you don't already have any sort of Antivirus installed in your PC, why not give F-Secure Internet Security 2008 a try. F-Secure is currently offering a free protection on till end of this year for PC and Mobile devices.

I have used both of the F-Secure products listed above and based on my experience; the PC based Antivirus or Internet Security from F-Secure has been good. Many of the viruses or malware has been detected, especially from neighboring thumbdrives and it doesn't use too much Windows resources as compared to Norton.

The mobile security I've tested on my symbian based phone, and I find it quite memory intensive and slows down you phone. But again, this was 2 years back when phones processing power and internal ROM is low.

So there you have it, I hope by sharing this links and serials; it helps to save some cost and beneficial for you. If interested, proceed to download and use the following serial number:

F-Secure Internet Security 2008
Download here :
Subscription number : U5RB-7JL4-9AE2-J5ZZ-9RQR (Valid till 31st December 2008)

F-Secure Mobile Security
Download here :
Subscription number : 0SE8-TEYH-95K4 (Valid till 31st December 2008)

p/s : Some additional info on F-Secure Antivirus Review

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Big thx for F-Secure Mobile code!