Saturday, September 10, 2005

dasyatnye.. the good old days..

a businessman may say its uprofitable, enteprenures may say its a waste of time to look back on things from the past. but on the otherhand..

lawyers may find it essential to refer past preceedings to defend its client, engineers could save lives from analyzing past events..

many more examples could be listed.. some may be accurate n some not so.. but don't take this seriously sbb i dunno squat what i'm rambling kat atas td.. saje je buat drama.. haha..

actually juz want to talk bout the simple2 things masa dulu yg kita encounter slalu that we've take for granted. tp kalu kita pikir balik on all those stuff.. it may bring good memories which cld make us smile, giggle.. probably.. da ones yg wenthru their childhood during the 80's may have the same wavelenght n know what i'm talking about..

take Tic Tac for example.. sampai sekarang ada lagi.. fr initial price of 70 cents to 1.50.. nowadays seldom do i buy this sweet treat.. but when i do.. couldn't help but remember the good old times.. whre life is far less complecated and full of happiness.. no doubt cause its called childhood..

Tic Tac isn't juz a yummy treat.. it's also an avenue to explore our imagination.. the commom thing you do with the container is pretend that its a lighter n.. puffing away you would go on a rolled piece of paper.. or fill it up with water, find a puddle n fill the thing with tadpoles.. use it as a granade.. keep ants.. the list goes on..

then they were Kam-Kam.. the chickadees that comes with a toy.. ade one time tu.. the toy was the robot plane of robotech.. a popular anime series tat time.. so mmg hari-hari laa beli.. n another.. i dunno if u guys pernah makan or not (i know some pernah).. ade this biskut.. its round like oreos but kaler lite brown.. n instead of cream.. derang letak sort of red kaler jem yg liat.. cicah dgn teh 'o' mmg besh.. the dough goes mushi.. but jem dia maintain liat..

ok ok.. takkan psal makan je tak.. tv shows pon also gives a good flashback.. apart from hindustan yg almost everyday tayang fr 3.30 - 6.00.. i guess tats why i'm sick to watch it today.. there also tv shows like 'V'.. alaa citer alien (look like human) yg makan orang.. animals n insects.. n bila kulit terkupas nampak hijau.. then they were.. star trek (same result as hindustan.. get sick of it also).. knight rider.. million dollar man/woman.. get smart.. magnum p.i.. the green hornet.. batman.. kungfu.. n wah byk lagi.. wow.. didn't know tat i'm tat much of a couch potato..

anyhow ade byk lagi stuffs yg bring back good memories.. this is juz a few which i'm sharing.. its a good conversational piece.. bridging frendships.. keep us sane.. n i guess it unlimitted as on which angle u're lookin at.. apa2 pon.. realizing this.. i could't help but wonder.. ape pulak would be the things that would be an icon in our lives for the next 10 years.. for now music fr da 90's is retro for me.. n perhaps.. malibu dreams n hazelnut coffee will be the thing of the future past for me.. what bout u guys.. things tat dig u in da past n the 'will be' for future?


Anonymous said...

Bro Malik! Nak resepi brown source :D

Lenny said...

ding dang datang lagi dengan permainan baruuu.. hahhaa..

pastuh mulala merengek kat pasar mlm mintak mak belikan... heheh.. tektik berjaya.. i remembered, ada satu hadiah dier tuh.. cam bentuk picagari..but without jarum la of coz.. so my mom guna kasik adik i makan ubat cair.. suntik terus dalam mulut dier... hahaha.. cian adik aku

Anonymous said...

i love tic tac

they used to have it in yellow and green.. yg box die setgh2 kaler ijau setgh lagik color yellow

they dun make them anymore


Anonymous said...

i want Kalkitos..

Tupperware.Best.Price said...

jgn lupa maero attack..citer bola tampar tuh..aku siap ponteng kelas fardhu ain..semata2 nak tgk citer tuh..

Anonymous said...

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