Thursday, October 20, 2005

dasyatnye.. a cartooney incident

hi all, thousand appologies for the long overdue updates.. nowadays i'm quite occupied.. however to get things rolling back into normal pace.. i start off with this short entry..

a few weeks back.. went to ikano with Laydiefa.. and after breaking fast, we headed to the world of cartoon to look for a birthday present.. while one of us browsing for the present.. a loud cracking sound breaks in the background..

K R A K K O W ! ! *ni DC comic nyer soundtrack*

*a moment of silence*

Then after discovering what had happened..

H A H A H A H A H A x 100

*pause* Fuh!.. Fuh!..

H A H A H A H A x 1000

It was like someone broke a canister of laughing gas.. its contagious, its sinister.. it brought tears to our eyes and digested our meal :P

Wanna know what happened? See da photos below..


Ooops!! (Zoom)

Well they say that a picture says a thousand word.. so i'll guess i'll juz leave it here for you all to interpret what happened.. i'll chip in the answer when thing really getting saucy :P


Anonymous said...

so sape yg duduk atas katil tu?
batman kick butts

Lenny said...


remind me not to buy that bed for my children... hahahha...

sungguh tak selamat..

zaini said...

do you know that krakow is actually the name of the place in poland?


zaini said...

i mean a place :p

Anonymous said...

yes, the question is..
SIAPA yang duduk atas katil tu..

Anonymous said...

hehehe... sape erk?
takkan korang kot.. haaaaaaaaa......!!!!

Lenny said...

niniez... naughty naughty...:D

Anonymous said...


helentea said...

smpi jatuh tilamnye ha.. :)