Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Find a Store Like a Local at

You’re new in town, looking for a hardware store and a garage to service your car. You can ask the neighbours, but they seem to be out on a vacation. Rather than wondering aimlessly around town and going to a premise without knowing its credibility, why don’t you head over to to find the service you are looking for?

@List is the most comprehensive, online business directory for both businesses & consumers. You can find business operators within your area as @List groups the listings by category and location. In this case, you can browse under Home & Garden category for that hardware store and Automotive for the servicing garage.

Furthermore, @List is not merely a directory of companies; when you find that specific store in the listing, you can also check on the rating of that company. The ratings are given by normal people like us, whom had used their service before. It is as good as getting a recommendation from a seasoned resident in that area.

Now you can arrange a good transport for Aunt Mary that is coming to visit by searching under the Travel & Transportation category. While you're there, you might also want to book a Hotel perhaps ;D Head over to to start exploring a business premise near you.

Business operators are also welcomed, find out more on how you can list your business in the directory and maximize your company exposure at

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