Friday, March 11, 2005

dasyatnye Liverpool won!

m not really a Liverpool fan.. as a matter of fact i don't have what we would normally call "team aku".. hehe.. juz would like to share this story though, about a fren of mine Ja'a.. he's a die hard fan of Liverpool since he can remember..

sometimes i would join da guys to watch liverpool matches on big screen at syed.. among us, Ja'a was da only Liverpool fan.. and if you been following the team's progress for the past month.. it is clearly that luck wasn't on their side eventhough they played well.. everytime his team lost.. da guys would tease him.. sometimes he would avoid us for days..

tension was amounting and his hopes were high on the recently Carling Cup match between Chelsea n Liverpool.. below is da story...

few days before da game at an undisclosed location ..

Ja’a: kL..jom laa join kitaorg tgk bola malam ahad ni..
kL : sori laa.. aku tak ble join.. match tu lewat sgt.. esoknya ada presentation..
Ja’a: alaa.. ko jgn risau laa kL.. aku ble antar ko balik sampai RUMAH lepas match...

Obviously i didn’t join.. but da following dialogue was obtained from a reliable source..

During Liverpool’s 1st goal…

Ja’a: Gooooooaaaaallllll… yesh.. yesh.. (ni aku tambah2 je ni).. Japp.. Badi aku dah habis.. Liverpool score.. ble menang ni (ni betul.. aku x tambah)..
Japp: (smiled)

our fren was exited as no goals were scored till towards da end of 2nd half... Chelsea scored da equalizer... followed by a landslide of goals after that.. each n every time Chelsea scored..

Sharul: Gooooooaaaallll… (franticly waving both arms in font of Ja’a n making faces)..

eventhough Livelrpool scored another.. in da end Liverpool lost to Chelsea 3-2.. You could imagine how our friend’s face looks like.. n da teasing begins..

Japp/Sharul: weh.. Ja’a lepak laa dulu kita tgk penyampaian hadiah.. minum jg takut.. aku ble support..
Ja’a: isk korang ni.. ko ble laa sambung tgk rumah ko dekat.. rumah aku jauh...
Japp: nasib baik kL tak ikut.. kalu tak.. tak balik RUMAH laa diatu..
Ja'a: Yela2... (n he went back home earlier than the others)

now its been a few week we've didn't see him.. but bukan sbb merajuk... outstation daa... anyhow.. congrats Ja'a.. team ko menang arini.. beat Leverkusen 3-1.. tapi aku x rase badi ko abis lagi.. ni mungkin sbb ko tak gi tgk match ni dgn kitaorg je Liverpool menang.. hahaha :)

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