Monday, January 09, 2006

dasyatnye.. new year in Bali

Hello all,

Umm.. I've missed a month plus of blogging.. what can i say other than >> i was occupied :P lots of things had happened though.. my best buddies Yang & Lenny had their baby girl Ayla Alya Mysarah.. and throughout the month of November to December catched a few gigs/shows/movies etc
  1. Afdlin Shauki Open House >> cepat je lontong proses dalam perut sbb gelak banyak
  2. Double Take Made In Malaysia Jazz >> Mia was simply superb, the guitar.. wow
  3. Actorlympics >> sinfully hilarious (sampai pening kepala gelak)
  4. Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire >> watched it first on release date
  5. Chronicles of Narnia >> traveled back in time remembering how simple life is when you're little
  6. Numerous open houses (not less than 6) & birthday celebs (not less than 2)
  7. Bang & scraped Blackie :( >> rectified & fixed
That's 2005 story.. Most unexpectedly though for 2006.. (seriously last minute) I've tagged along with Laydiefa, far1z, mysara & phyruzze for a new year vacation in Bali.. yes.. you've got it right.. Bali.. eheh.. It's my second time there (last trip was end Nov04) but still I've enjoyed it.. to me the whole island is a showcase.. the buildings there are so different (temple like).. the people are so devoted to their customs.. friendly and every tourist is a millionaire.. well on arrival that is (haha).. of course.. not to forget that i have good companions also.

We were greeted with a drizzle upon arrival in Bali.. but that didn't dampened our spirits.. explored nearby territory as soon as we've checked to our hotel.. over the 5 days we crashed at Bakung Beach Cottage in the vicinity of Kuta (15 min walk from the famed Kuta beach). It is safe to say that it was a shopping trip.. judging on time spent & the additional baggages & boxes.. however we did cover half of Bali for site seeing.. went to Kintamani (volcano), Ubud (Art & Craft town), Sukawati and Jimbaran (beach).

Highlights for the trip was:
  1. Breakfast Babi (pls excuse the language) >> no we didn't have it, but it was in the menu
  2. 50% Surf Shop >> All Billabong goodies 50% off & litteraly at the doorstep or our hotel
  3. Pizza Hut >> Menu was different & a lot more compared with ours, tasty & dirt cheap
  4. Spontanious Shopping >> one of the highlight cause its difficult to break the bank when you're shopping here
  5. Dinner at Jimbaran >> Sharing lobster on the beach facing the sea
There's not much photo which i could share, however below are some of which i could..

far1z overseeing mysara & phyruzze in the distance
Kuta Beach: far1z overseeing mysara & phyruzze in a distance

Legian DVD raid
Off Legian Road: mysara & phyruzze taking a load off during a DVD raid

Lydiefa at one of Kuta shopping district
Kuta: Laydiefa at one of Kuta shopping district

Mysara Taking Photo at Kintamani
Kintamani: mysara taking a photo of the volcano

Jimbaran Beach for Dinner
Jimbaran: far1z all set for dinner

Airport.. Umm those are all of our luggage
Airport: Yikes!! Those are our luggage

*Sight.. I'm glad I've decided to go, the trip was fun & memorable. A good end to 2005 and a great start for brand new year 2006. Happy New Year 2006 you all!!


Anonymous said...

.. bestnye...

ehemm.. :) *wink wink*...

Tak mampu nak berkata ape2.. :) keh keh keh..

Anonymous said...

ermm, its not 'shopping'..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

weih thankx for.... ;)

Anonymous said...

apza.. ape tuuu hik hik hik??

mysara the bozo said...


"omelette mau babi pak?"

dD.Diyana said...

happy new year malik!

Anonymous said...

Bali sounds great!

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