Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dasyatnye.. Sayang..

Big Bear

Look at this lil girl, so very the pampered.. teddy dia lagi besau dari orangnye.. tak kisah laa first or last child.. her parents can affort it.. Tapi bila dah Sayang tuh.. you would do anything to comfort and take care of that loved one, ensuring they're happy and safe. (^_^)

Happy Valentine's Day


Anonymous said...

I'm happy and safe. In fact, I'm saved! :P

i Love you Baby :)

p/s: nak jugak perli tuuuuu.. >> "tak kisah laa first or last child".

Lenny said...

alu alu.. udah setahun la ini post... tukar la tukar la tukar laaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...


this entry was like.. 1 year and 3 months back!

woof woof.