Saturday, February 07, 2009

Drooling Over HP Mini

When HP introduced the HP Mini 1000 end of last year, I was impressed with its hip contemporary design. Being a Netbook understandably I've put my expectation for it's performance at a minimum and kept in mind that it was meant for surfing and light productivity on the go.

Nonetheless I've researched extensively on the web for its features and reviews. bwana and Dan Ankerman reviews really put the HP Mini into my serious consideration. It showed, how snappy the HP Mini was running productivity applications, web streaming and video playback.

So off to the store for physical evaluation and man, I fell in love with the look, built quality feel and it's lightness straight away. The Windows XP also performed surprisingly well with most of applications launched quite fast, videos played well, hibernates/shutdown/restart/launch Windows at an acceptable time.

Umm by the way I'm doing this tests at Harvey Norman and cheekily without shame asking the sales guy to key-in the password every time I hibernate/shutdown/restart/launch the Netbook. I especially like the large keyboard slapped end-to-end on the system, it's really comfortable and no learning curve is required to get used to.

The HP Mini 1000 does have its downside, with a smaller and slower HDD from other offerings in the market at 60GB 4200RPM and no VGA out (requires special cable). Despite these 2 minor set-backs, I was sold and ready for a purchase. RRP for the HP Mini is RM1,699.

Surveyed Harvey Norman, Digital Mall PJ and Low Yat Plaza; the best bargain from the lot is at Low Yat whereby at RM 1,700 (payment by credit card charges included), they upgrade the RAM to 2 GB and throw in 5 freebies (Mouse, USB Hub etc). Another company offers the same as above but with additional 160GB WD External HDD (worth RM175) at a total of RM 1,800.

To me the latter is the better offer even its priced higher, as I can easily sell the external HDD at RM 150 and get the system at only RM 1,650! However it was not meant to be get this Netbook on that day, the only new unit that they have, had a physical defect on the screen (probably someone poked it with a sharp object). Went for the first bargain without the external HDD, they on the other hand didn't have stock. Turns out their store manager was still on CNY holiday.

With a heavy heart, went home without my HP Mini. That night I've research some more re-run the video review and I've stumbled on something that got me really excited! It's a newer model of the HP Mini 2140. It's much more sleeker being in an aluminum chassis with PCI/54 Express card slot, 120 GB 160 GB 5400RPM HDD and VGA out.

The HP Mini 2140 was introduced in the US market early Jan 09 and it should arrive in Asia by mid-Feb 09 and as of yesterday it is just on sale in Singapore. Hopefully it will reach Malaysia by end of the moth or I'll drive down the there to get one. Actually it's a blessing in disguise that my purchase didn't went through for the HP Mini 1000 as I'm definitely would want the latter. For now I'm continuing to google everyday and joined forums to get the latest updates on its availability here.

HP Mini 1000

Windows XP Home Edition SP3; 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270; 1024MB DDR2 SDRAM 533MHz; 128MB Mobile Intel 945GM; 60GB Toshiba 4,200rpm.

HP Mini 2140

Windows XP Home SP2; 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270; 1024MB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz; 224MB Mobile Intel GMA 950; 160GB Toshiba 5400rpm

Photo source : various from the web.


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ooo...jadi inile rupenya netbook idaman kalbu...:) - apak

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iyee.. :)