Sunday, March 15, 2009

Singapore IT Show 2009

The view today as I waited outside the hall 15 minutes prior to Singapore IT Show opening. This is my third consecutive time I've attended this event and it has become something I look forward every year.

It is sort of become; another excuse for a trip to Singapore :) But basically I like to attend the IT Show there as it showcases many new gadgets which some may or may not reach our shores. Last year it was on GPS navigation device, companies like HP, Packet Bell, Garmin and few other which I cannot recall; put forward their latest devices. Had a chance to test almost all of them!

This year I think belongs to LCD TV, huge companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Harvey Norman and Courts are selling the televisions like an auction format and it all went like hotcakes. Best deal I've heard is two 40 inch LCD, Full HD was sold for the price of one by Courts. However this time also its a little bit crowded and noisy with the auction going on.

On cameras, Sony still offer the best deal. Even though it is a fraction cheaper than Malaysia, it really is still a good bargain. Why? Because they've bundled item like 8GB Memory Stick plus another 2 4GB Memory Stick, Leather Case, Sony Photo Printer, International warranty!! The freebies alone cost half of the camera cost if it's in Malaysia.

If you're into Dell Mini 10, the one locked with Maxis 3G in Malaysia; you can also purchase it here at an offer price of SG$699 (approx RM1690). If you have already subscribe to 3G data plan, just pop-in your sim card in this Netbook for wireless connectivity. LG and HP Mini 1011 also offers their own Netbook with 3G capabilities built in.

If you're into personal music, there are abundance of mid-to-high-end earphones to choose from. Senheiser, Sone, Audio-Technica, Panasonic and Creative just to name a few. Basically there are many things to see if you're a technology or gadget buff. I can keep rambling with a long list but I won't.

I just would like to recommend, if you have the opportunity; take a trip next year and see the IT Show for yourself! Signing off from Lion City :)


Unknown said...

Wahhh ... how come i didnt know ur in Singapore. Betul ke nak gi IT show ke casino?? err dah siap ke blom erk casino tu?

Laptop baru kali keempat??

Lenny said...

haaha... kali nieh bawak balik 12 burger king lg ke??

argh.. SG.... nak makan old chang kee sampai muntah darah lagik! ahahhahaha..

UmmiQais@iKa said...

nak pi SG gakkkk..tapi nak pi makan rojak SG...aci tak??

kL said...


Sbb ko tak tau :) Pergi IT Show.. Casino blum bukak lagi.. by end of year baru ada.. entrance fee untuk Singaporeans is SG$100 tourist free.. yepaaa.. kena practice blackjack nieh..

Isk.. baru yg ketiga laa..


Umm tak.. for the first time in the many trips to Sgpore.. Didn't eat BK.. had Portuguese Chili Crab at Fish & Co instead :)

Old Chang Kee is a must snacking.. tp yg u kata Chili Crab curry puff tu dah takde..


aci.. jom anytime ble pergi :)

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