Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Dear all, <-- perasan, ada ke followers since lama tak update?

It's been a very looooooooooooooooooooooooong time since I've last update (yes that long).. but today its special as this entry is dedicated to a buddy of mine.

Today its her birthday so and I've said that I will wish her Birthday on every possible media; so far I've covered Facebook, SMS, Fixed Phone, in person and public announcement/humiliation (bunyi je gempak.. sebenarnya just org sekeliling dalam lift and on escalator kita hebohkan dia birthday girl) and now as requested by birthday gal.. via my blog.

The person I'm talking about is no other than.. Ninie!!

Happy birthday dear.. thank you for being such a good friend..
May Allah return back all the favors you've done to others..
And in return grant you all the wishes that you've wished for..
Wishing you a good year ahead filled with happiness :)


Unknown said...

Yessss!!! Akhirnya blogmu tak bersawang!
And thanks for the bday wishes.. Yes, you've covered all aspects of it.. Tiruu idea i!!! :p

kL said...

idea yg baik boleh dipraktik kan :)

Zainulas said...

Weeehhhoooooooooo!! apdet

Lenny said...

wah... ada update..baru perasan.. sellau i bukak ada gambo book tu je.. hahahaha...

pls come back and blog..:D

afza said...

blog? apa tu blog?