Monday, June 27, 2005

dasyatnye.. cold war..

Whoa.. What causes a person to despise another so much? Is it really the action of the other had done or is it your ego or is it your so called principles? If so.. how long are you going to keep up with it? Demm..

Its not me that is in the situation but inderectly i'm in da middle of it.. taking shrapnel as da bombs blasts off arround me.. trying to keep a balance as not to be a hypocrite to both parties..

Da problem sparked from a remark made on a certain task by the other which obviously offended.. since then they have been in separate terms..if the person could investigate and analyse why for such comments.. i think things would get better.. however such comments should be of a constructive criticism and a bit sensitive to the others..

tried in my own way to ease thing between both but without avail.. everytime i tried to put in a good word, it had been cut off.. if i push further then i'll be the one getting my head chopped off.. it feels like i'm da pawn being used by both to get what they want..

heck, with all da work loads piling.. i've got no choise but have that last cigerete (i don't smoke) in front of the firing squad.. do my own business as much and as fast as i can before the DEADline. but i'm lucky as to have a friend(s) to light up my smoke.

i hope i didn't put much details as i fear their identites would be revealed.. though i need to get this out as clear my mind and as a reminder to think rationnaly if i ever get cought in this situation.. i wish them all the best and pray things will get better.

woohoo.. on a lighter side.. m going to singapore also with da gang.. :)


Anonymous said...

Dear maliq,
sometimes we can't control things that happened around us.. so i think the best thing that you can do in a situation like that is to maintain the 'atas pagar' attitude.. tak menyebelahi sesape.. i do hope things will work out among themselves eventually.. :)

bestnye.. nak gi singapore erk? heheh have fun dear! and stay cheerful ok? :)

kL said...

Nie.. thanks for the insight n thoughts..

yep.. but currently m in terengganu.. flight back to KL at 9.30 pm.. off to Singapore tmrw morning 7.30 am.. n i haven't pack yet.. :P

zaini said...

malik mana isap rokok. malik pegi gym dan makan salad.

malik adalah seorang yg menjaga kesihatan

Anonymous said...

malik juga seorang yang thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

:) a good friend :)

Lenny said...

semua yg di atas yg best2 tuh adalah malik.. malik mmg besttttt!!! seme org suka malik...

yeayyyyyyyy... hehehhe...

bila mau update trip singapore?

kL said...

zainee - mooo.. terase cam kerbau kat bendang laa plak.. gym = membajak & salad = makan rumput.. haha.. :)

tapikan lepas trip singapore ni aku terase lebih "sehat"

laydiefa, niniez & len - thnx for da kind words tp da ppl around me (inc u guys) also in a way influenced how i am..

citer psal trip singapore tuh nnt aku tuleh pas ni.. :P kalau aku x pejam mate dulu..