Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Got Conned at Money Changer

Dear friends, hopefully this does not happen to you. Yesterday, I went to a money changer to change my access Indonesian Rupiahs back to RM. I had a stack of Rupiah in 100,000 and 50,000 denominations, which the total amount I was very sure off.

It was like any normal transaction, I handed over the total amount to the money changer and they counted it. The dispute only arises when the total amount was not as per what I've submitted. I requested for a recount and the amount totaled up the same; 50,000 Rupiah short. The money changer handed the money back to me, and when counted truly it was 50,000 Rupiah short.

What else could I do? Reluctantly I changed the money. Afterwards, I've check my pockets, my wallet and it is actually impossible to misplace a single sheet as I had tied it with a rubber band and kept in a separate pocket. I was puzzled and stressed as I am very sure of my total mount.

The only conclusion I could think off is that the money changer conned / shortchanged me. How? She did counted in front of me. Recalling back; I did have a stack of Rupiah in two different denominations as mentioned.

Upon receiving the money from me, the money changer split the money according to the denomination; putting one half on the table out of my view while immediately counting the other using an automated machine. Once done, she proceeded to count the money on the table; I can't see if she kept one note aside as the counter was high. At least this is how I figured, they took my money. Like I said; What can I do? Just bad luck.

Lesson learned:
  • Never hand over a stack of money with different denominations to the money changer.
  • Always keep your eyes lock on the money.
  • Never go to the money changer again (Mid Valley, LG Floor at the KFC escalators. Right most money changer)

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Anonymous said...

one more method.
count the money in front them. one at time by denominations.
pastu tell them. how many pieces. pastu suruh diorang kira pulak..
then bila confirm, move on to another denomination pulak.