Friday, May 16, 2008

Ignite Yourself Through Socialspark

Izea, the company which gave us the opportunity to earn money via blogging with PayPerPost is now introducing a new product called Socialspark. This new service combines the best of both worlds of social networking and cash earning through the Internet.

Through Socialspark one can promote their blog and make new friends with other fellow bloggers within the community. In addition to that, you also gain exposure for your blog to advertisers which increase your chances of being recruited to write for them.

Apart from that, the normal marketplace for paid per post blog opportunity is still there but with an enhancement. In Socialspark; if the opportunity has been fully taken, you can queue for the next batch of opportunity. So now, you don’t have to keep refreshing your browser to get an opportunity, instead you will be notified via e-mail if you are successful in the queue.

I’ve registered myself and found Socialspark website quite user friendly, graphically pleasing and easy on the bandwidth as pages loaded quite fast for lower broadband connections. Yes, you can register for both ParPerPost and Socialspark. I can’t wait to have my blog approved in Socialspark so I can grab the opportunities in this site as well. Interested? Signup up now to Socialspark and add me as your friend :)

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