Sunday, July 20, 2008

Need More Space

Things in my room are getting out of hand; boxes, magazines, bills, pedals, speakers, bowling ball, wires are literally everywhere. I've meant to tidy things up but I'm all pooped out after work. Weekends are the only days left for me to really crash out, chill out, hang with the parents, but mostly I'm going to be in front of the tele watching movies, eat and dozed off on the couch.

This weekend however, I was forced to clean up my room as am about to receive a new bed. Out goes four large black plastic bags of my uni notes, couple of bags, parcel boxes semi eaten by white ants, very old pc magazines, hundreds of VCDs and Software/Games CDs; oh well! Lots of stuff went out. It's difficult to keep thing tidy as I have TOO MUCH stuff in it.

Every venture or hobby I've done, usually followed with books and gear. I've done bowling, guitar, music, fly fishing and etc. On top of that I seem to have a habit of collecting everything nice; pins, badges, keychains, coke cans/bottles, model cars and etc. Some of em started by my brother.

As I'm writing this, my room still not 'cleared'. Have to do it slowly, to keep myself motivated and make it neat rather than just to shove everything clear. Good luck for me huh? :)


Lenny said...

selamat berkemasss!!!

dah siap lom nieh?

kL said...

tekius.. belom. siap cuti lagi sbb sakit pinggang.. :P