Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

Being out on a vacation is so much fun and something I always look forward to. It’s the time to really let loose and be care free about all my worries. It is also a time to see other places, food and culture, plus there’s senseless shopping to boot.

However, a vacation would be more meaningful if you got your friends or family tagged along to share with. Recalling a particular vacation or shall I say a business trip in east coast of Malaysia, me and a couple of colleagues were driving along the old road heading towards Mersing. It was a long winding drive, approximately 4-5 hours through forests and plantations fields.

I would be very tired at the end of the trip if it weren’t for my cheerful colleagues. We’ve shared stories, jokes all along the way and also noticed some unusual signage. What I’ve discovered was a road sign with a cow on it crossed, meaning no cows on the road.

Computing the signage; it is normal if the sign was no motorcycle or lorry, whereby logically behind the wheel is a person who can READ the road sign. But if this road sign was intended for a cow? *blink*blink* Wow!! That the cow must be really smart to understand, or was it a cow who put it up in the first place. Hahaha..I was giggling on my own, when I’ve explained to the others we all break into laughter.

Oh well this could be the most humorous trip of all. With the right attitude and companions, a business trip could also be a mini-vacation. I really that break after a stressful couple of months at the office.

A holiday however requires proper planning and budget. I do most of my planning through online travel guides, books and friends. I also subscribe to travel e-newsletter for periodical updates. As with my previous experience to Britain, Scotland, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand; proper planning will ensure a good trip. As for now, a vacation to go on Las Vegas tour during CES (Consumer Electronic Show) or a trip to Japan tops of my dream holidays.

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