Wednesday, April 01, 2009

HP Mini 1000: Sweet Deal at Harvey Norman

If you've been eying a HP Mini 1000, now is a good time to buy as HP has reduced its price. from RM1,699 to RM1,499. Based on my observations through the web, there are 2 main reasons for the price slash:

1. Introduction of HP Mini 2140 early April (most likely during PC Fair 2009)
2. HP Mini 2140 will be priced at RM 1,699 >> same price as HP Mini 1000 (before price cut)

The swirly design on its case both contemporary and eye pleasing. A colleague of mine is currently using this Netbook and similarly to what I've said on HP Mini 2140; it's does the job well for office work, surfing and light multimedia. Only drawback is the absent of a VGA port which hinders you from using it for presentations.

The deficiency is easily fixed with HP optional VGA cable for this Netbook which retails at US$19.90. However if you really need VGA out; better opt for HP Mini 2140 as not only it has a VGA out, it also boast a larger and faster HDD, 3D HDD Protection and Expresscard Slot.

If you don't mind what HP Mini 1000 lacks, then by all means get this nice Netbook. Harvey Norman is selling it at RM1,499 with 2 free gifts which you can choose (Kesington Lock, USB hub, Optical Mouse, Screen Protector and etc) plus 50 pieces of blank DVD-Rs.


Lenny said...

datang sini mulala terpk nak beli gadget2 nieh... harus nanti Yang block u nyer blog tauuu...

ahahah.. tapi takper.. i nak kikis dier beli intan berlian duluuu.. ahahhaha...

ampeh je bini kan..

kL said...

Len.. you can always pimp up your laptops with diamonds >>bling.. bling<<

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