Friday, April 10, 2009

PC Fair 2009 Opens Its Door Today

Dear boys and girls, today PC Fair 2009 opens its door. I'm rather excited to attend this time round as I've have a few things in mind to purchase, mostly PC necessities (ye ke ni ? >:D). However I'm currently bogged down at work unable to take half-day off; though of getting there early beating the crowd and grabbing the first offers.

OMG Friday prayers.. GTG.. will update this later! Anyhow, for those who had the opportunity to go during luch-time etc; just share some crazy offers if any :)


Lenny said...

saya mau pegi juga esokkkkkk....:D

kL said...

tak nampak pon uuu :)

mcm laa ada 4-5 org je kat PC fair tuu..

Lenny said...

haaa... tau takper.. susah giler dapat parking ok