Monday, August 22, 2005

dasyatnye.. da old gym is finally closed..

looks like the day finally came.. its been buzzing arround since last year that the old gym will be closed.. last friday was the end of it.. when i went ther.. the multistation has been disassembled..

i can't exactly recall when but roughtly it must have been in march 2002 that i've started.. da guys at the gym are wonderful.. jepp n zaha r the veterans that lasts till today.. memula join mmg kena buli laa.. for me.. ade ke tingkap tengah yg sealed diorg suroh bukak.. puas aku mencari handle nk bukak.. terkena aku.. haha.. btul x Zai? by da way.. yes Zai dulu ikut aku jugak turun gym.. haa jgn teperanjat.. siap dpt gelaran "kentang".. i guess thats why he retired.. takut2 dpt gelaran lain..

i also don't exactly know why i started to go to the gym.. but niniez might hv her version of da story where she claimed i'm a different guy after LeTour.. :P hehe.. could be true since i'm not sure.. however.. eversince.. da gym has been my oasis after work.. where i go sweat out n chill with da guys.. with the opening of our new office next door.. there was also a new gym that came with it.. been ther a couple of times but we still prefer the old one.. cse..

- where else can u drop barbell & dumbell directly on the floor rite after u've done with ur routine..
- where else in the office you can shout what u want without anyone care..
- where else can u hit da gym without shoes or shirt when u forget to bring it..
- where else can u celebrate your birthday at the gym.. with food & cakes..
- where else can u find a high turnover of newbies.. since they can't bear the mental game.. :P
- where else can u find good lifting partner where sometimes they juz leave u hanging with a 100 pound bar on your chest juz for fun..

so this is a tribute to the gym that has changed my life.. from the busted lifecycle n rusted barbell.. it doesn't matter in what condition the equipments were.. its how u adapt n use whats available to you.. its truly is a private gym for us since many come and go.. i shall miss that environment very much.


Anonymous said...

ala... gym tu dah tutup dah? closed for good or maybe dia ader buat refurbishment ke ape ke heheeh (wishful thinking)..

anyway.. true.. you're a changed person after the Le Tour thingy.. eheheh..

dude.. remember the phrase 'niceeeeeeeee'???? :)

p/s: still takbleh lupa u dok ulang lagu black dog bone tu over n over again.. heheh peace!!!!!

Unknown said...

eeerrrrr .... aku penah pegi ker gym tu?? hahahahahahaha .... aku rasa aku pon kene tribute gak la kat gym tu ... sbab gym tu la kak huda sampai ari ni konvince aku suruh beli product dia ... sbab gym tu la aku konfius sampai ari ni apa kaitan aku dgn kentang?? walaupon tu menandakan & membuktikan aku ni ada gene2 french ... aku still konfius ....

errrr ... radio entik tu jual takk??

kL said...

niniez: there's a song in my head singing over n over again.. niceeeeee :P akaka..

kentang: radio antik tuh dgn bangganya derang dh sapu pegi ke gym baru.. padehal its private property.. belongs to Zainal..

UmmiQais@iKa said...

malik: dah tutup dah gym tuh? alahai..derang nak buat apa kat situ?

kak ninie: how r u???!! lama tak dengar citer...eheheheheh

abg: i dunno about 'kentang'??? apsal derang panggil kentang??
dah plak dah...arituh prasan omputih+jawa..skang dah ada campuran french plak? banyaknyer laaa campuran anak abg nanti...

Anonymous said...

ika : kite ok.. sihat walafiat.. and still trying ;)heheh.. peace!

Anonymous said...

it will be the day wen i hit any gyms hahaha

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