Monday, May 12, 2008

The One With The Suprise Birthday Party

This is a long overdue entry, however I still have to post this to show my utmost appreciation (Len, if you don't mind, I borrow your header preamble for this entry) to Yang, Lenny, Alya, Fairuz, Mysara, Bigg, Ninie, Afza and Syaban; thank you very much for attending the birthday party. It was nice of you and it really made my day after a mundane and laborious day at work.

Apart from that, I would also like to thank my many friends that extended their wishes throughout the day; you're a lifeline for me to keep me on working. I especially liked the one which Ika, Zainul & Qais sent to me (as pictured on the left). And special thanks to xumb for leaving a birthday wish on my blog.

Last but not least, to the one that made this possible; my sweetheart Sayang Noorul Aiza :) Thank you very much for making this happen and thank you for the super nice gift (as pictured below). It was totally unexpected and really came to me as a surprise! I thought you really needed the disposable panties for the trip and cake for your mom :P

p/s : Was super busy on my birthday as I am scheduled to leave Indonesia the next day (24th - 29th) and Sabah the following week (1st - 4th May); so have to complete work lor. Will post on the trip on another entry ;)

1 comment:

Lenny said...

Happy birthday again malik... ur birthday pressie ada kat i.. nanti i pass yah? hehehe...

sorry tak sempat nak update gambo kat blog.. ada entry je... sbb balik dari indon tuh.. i was busy with my bro..

glad u had a great party.. and we are happy to be there!

and owh... tak kisah.. guna je...