Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weight Issues

Today I’ve experienced light headedness at work which prompted me a visit the office doctor. I suspect it was my blood pressure which causes this and I am partially correct. I said partially because all the 3 reading done differs from one another; the first 2 being high and thankfully the last reading indicates normal blood pressure.

The doctor let me off with an advice for me to do a blood test and reduce weight. To date I had gained 40 pounds from last I’ve seen her in 2006. I suspect my weight could be a contributing factor other than stressed at work.

Looks like I have to be selective and cut down the portions of what I eat and back to exercising regularly. It going to be quite a hurdle to change the eating habits as I find eating relieves my stress. Going back to gym is also daunting, but it’s unavoidable for my health sake.

Coincidentally today also, I’ve discovered that there is a drug that can assist in reducing my weight. The drug is called Generic Acomplia from Rimonabant which works by blocking your cravings for food or other substances. It is a great way to cut down my food intake; if coupled with regular exercising, I could be well on tract to lose weight and regain my fitness.

Will seek advice from my doctor if this product suits me, as initially I understand that the will be a side effect. If you are in a similar position as me, trying to lose weight; why not visit to find out more on how this product could assist you.

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