Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dasyatnye.com Has Its Own Domain

Since domain names nowadays are getting cheaper, I've decided to get one for my blog. It is also to commemorate this blog's comeback after being inactive for nearly a year. At the current moment I'm still using hosting services from bloggers, however I'm happy to announce as from this post onwards, the new url to my blog will be :

To benefit other readers from various parts of the world (if any), dasyatnye is a Malay word. The correct spelling is "dasyatnya" however I choose the former which is sort of a street slang. The definition could be found here in the Online Webster Dictionary, however to me dasyatnye can bring two meanings as explained in these scenarios.

"When you encountered, heard from someone or experienced on something exciting - dasyatnye!! (upbeat) awesome!!, cool!!, wow!!"

"When you heard bad news from someone - dasyatnye.. (toned down) thats horrible.."

    In this blog, I intent to write on; some personal journals, practical ideas, misc reviews, knowledge sharing, jokes, sale of misc items and etc. What I've mentioned is just a rough guide, based on my current interest. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as I did writing it.

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    Lenny said...

    wow.... new domain!!! dasyatnyee...bestnyerrr...