Sunday, February 24, 2008

LHDN : "Money Back within a Month"

Remember a couple of weeks back, when there were lots of adverts in the newspaper on improving the public service by the government? Amongst them are by the Immigration Department on passport renewal within 1 hour, new passport in 1 day and Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri on money back within one month for excess tax payment.

One fine day when I came back from work, I saw an envelope from LHDN. I was happy to see it as imagined it was the cheque for the sum that they owed me, just like in the papers. Suprise.. surprise.. its not a cheque as I expected but JA statement requesting me to pay more taxes for the year 2004, 2005 & 2007 (RM 4 figures). What the #@%$&%$#!!!

Lucky I have all my documentations & receipts straight, as my record goes; I had paid all my taxes and there were excess for the year 2006 which I haven't received a refund. In the process of retrieving my income tax file, I've discovered that my wardrobe has been attacked by termites!! #$@%^%^%!!! got to clean that mess also.

Anyways.. I had to take leave to rectify this with LHDN before I got penalty for late payment. It was a half day affair, having it checked at a branch near my home; I discovered that the tax amount requested was on my bonuses for the years mentioned. However the officer did recalculate and gave me a new sum with deductions of my excess amounts which lowers it down to only RM 3 figures.

The office then informed that; I have the option to deduct the sum from my salary for x number of months. However I choose to pay the sum in full. Can I pay at this branch? No, this branch doesn't accept payment, however can pay at the bank behind this LHDN brach. Payment direct to LHDN can only be made at Jalan Duta Main Office.

I chose to pay at LHDN Jalan Duta on the same day as; I was on leave and since they took a few years to calculate my tax, I couldn't imagine how many months it would take to update my payment from the bank. Remembering back now on what the LHDN officer told me at the counter;
"payment through banks will take 2-3 days to update, however keep your payment-slip for reference"
Not so assuring and one might think that it will not be updated at all from this statement :P Apart from from this, I do would like to note that our LHDN officers are very helpful, friendly and seems sincere in wanting to help during my dealings. To that I thank them :)


Lenny said...

When my bonus last year doesn't feel like bonus anymore due to it was cut about almost 40% for the tax.. I was really upset about it...

But, I guess I was lucky it was cut back then or else I still have to pay for the amount.. and yet of course the bonus money has gone... hahaha..

ke mana lagik kalau i tak invest kat shopping malls kan? ahhahahha

Anonymous said...

next time don't do your income tax 2 hours before your flight :P

it's money, and it's yours. don't cheat, but there's always way to 'pusing' it. google boyfwen.. google!

Anonymous said...

and yeah, i got my money back last year within 3 weeks ;)
they were efficient with me though :D

kL said...

lenny : yg dah lepas takper lah.. but this year make sure ada open table tau :D

laydiefa : will spend more on medical supplies.. zakat.. things that is beneficial.. :)

Anonymous said...

i 'pusing' my tax thru zakat pendapatan too, it's 1 to 1.(and zakat fitrah because i paid it myself).

medical? haa.. i ada ubat you can buy.
ubat nyamuk! for mosquito magnet like you. ehek :P

ejenmulder said...

I also just received my JA form for 2004-2006. And to my shock, it states i owe them RM4fig for each of that year too. The problem is, my LHDN file is at Terengganu Branch and I'm working in KL. Can i just go to any KL branch to clarify with them on this matter. I have paid quite a lot thru PCB to them for all those years till now.

Anonymous said...

laydiefa- 1 of the way to pay less tax.Brilliant!!! We income tax officer do the same thing lol....

ejenmulder- you can go to any of LHDN branch in Malaysia. But if you in K.L, my advise, go to Jalan Duta Branch.They will liase with Terengganu Branch.(or you can ask for your file to be transfer to Jln Duta Branch)