Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DIY Dry Box : Keep Your Gadgets Safe

Storing your camera or electronic gadgets properly is quite essential to avoid an unplanned trip to the servicing center. Your equipment is best stored in a cool and dry place to avoid:

1. Moisture – more often if your room is air-conditioned due to the condensations
2. Fungus - especially for camera lenses
3. Dust – if stored on an open shelve for example

The best place to avoid all these is to store your equipments in a dry box. There are many commercially available dry boxes in the market, but more often they are expensive.

A cheaper solution which I’m currently practicing is to use an air tight plastic container and put in a few silica gel inside which you can get from any good camera shop. The sachets type is quite hard to come by (unless you eat a lot of BinBin Rice Crackers; there's a small sachet inside), however the loose ones packed in a bigger bag is available at Photo Shangrila.

The container keeps the dusts away and silica gel acts as an agent that absorbs any moisture within the container. Now you’ve eliminated the 3 threats above and keep your equipments safe.

This plastic container has an air lock and a valve to withdraw air out once the lid is closed.
Inside: a few sachet type silica gels (these are not from BinBin :P). The blue padding is actually high density foam which you can get from a stationary store.

This plastic container on the other hand has a tray inside which is perfect to put the loose type silica gels.

There no step-by-step DIY guide here as it is fairly easy and mostly common sense. A good project to keep your gadgets safe and organized.


Bliss Me said...
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Bliss Me said...

The bigger box you are using, what brand is it? do you put in a hygrometer? Just for curiosity sake, how long in between before you need to dry the silica gel (I heard it turns pink)?

kL said...

Hi zakuma-marimba, for the container I'm using the Lock & Lock brand. Nope, I did not put in a hygrometer since the drybox is small and store cool/dark place. The silica gel will require replacement in approximately 3 months. Yes, it will turn pink. :)