Friday, March 21, 2008

Today's Breakfast

Today I had a special treat for breakfast; Pulut Durian! It's not so often I can have this meal as the durian fruit is seasonal and I have never come across food vendor selling this in Kuala Lumpur. In the northern states like Kedah and Perlis; yes, it is commonly available at pasar malam (night market). The closest I could find is, Pulut Mangga which is a Thai delicacy however its yumminess is a far cry from its original.

Anyhow, pulut durian consists of:
1. Pulut (steamed glutenous rice )
2. Durian fruit
3. Santan (coconut milk cooked with a pinch of salt)

Best eaten with the hands, the taste is creamy and sweet; best thing in the world. However beware; according to some the smell of the durian is not very pleasing. Yesterday, as I was making payment at a counter; the gurlfriend and the lady cashier thought they'd smelt propane gas!! Obviously it was not the case as it was only my durian. To me it smell sweet and yummy.

Oh well.. people has different opinion on that subject, but most of us love this fruit. Just take it like cheese, some frown and don't eat due to the smell or taste. I know most of you eat durian; why not try it in this combination, I assure it that you'd want more :D


Anonymous said...

combination of what?
cheese and durian? :P
let's try those two.
the real sweet & sour concoctions!

kL said...

durian pulut combo :)
but durian cheesecake ada tau..
kat secret recipe

Anonymous said...

durian milkshare pun ada..
new zealand neutral.
your favorite :P

laydiefa said...

eh typo.

it's new zealand *natural.