Saturday, April 02, 2005

dasyatnye sticky survey

Hmm.. i would imagine if tse kind of survey were conducted in da US.. i guess not many will participate in suspicion of getting nabbed by da agencies for possessing illegal downloaded music.. well.. tats not da case for us.. in da spirit of Malaysia Boleh.. Currently we are free from tse kind of fears.. So.. dear Laydiefa.. here are my answers to the survey..

One) What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
~ 7.45 gigs at home and 12 gigs or so at da office. I like music n will generally listen to anything.. oldies.. retro.. 90's.. alternative.. rock.. jpop.. kpop.. instumental.. in other words.. anything which pleases me.. but tse few are my favourite.. Foo Fighters, Cranberries, Corrs, G&R, Linkin Park, Elvis, Sixpence None the Richer, RHCP, Sugar Ray, Kiroro, Billy Joel, Beatles, Berlinda Carlise, Metallica, Sheila on 7, Sheila Majid and many more.

Two) The CD you last bought?
~ erm.. it was smwhere in da middle of last year.. bought a stack of 100 CDRs.. more recently.. DVD-Rs.. music CD's.. well if da music label would stick to their end of the bargain to lower the prices of CD's then i would consider.. but da current price at RM 45 a CD is ridiculous.. only will purchase CD from artise which i really like.

Twee) What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
~ Good Charlotte - i just wanna live

Four) Write down five songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

~ wow.. five huh.. no promises but here goes..

1. The Lion Sleeps Tonite by N'Sync
~ It was on da bufday of a buddy/hsemate of mine way back when we were studying.. We know tat he liked tis song n decided to give it as da bufday present.. intentionally we pretend tat we've forgotten his bufday.. cut da story short.. afew minute before midnite.. set da volume high n played da song.. a few moment later our bufday boy came running down da stairs screaming.. uweeeeeeeeeeeee... (juz like in da song) wish him happy birthday but da happy look in his face was.. :)

2. Miraie by Kiroro
~ This kindergarten teacher never fails to impress everytime i listen to tis song.. beautiful voice.. full of emotion.. makes we wanna go to her class and listen to her all day long..

3. In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley
~ Appart from da song about a boy born and died in da ghetto.. I believe it is da best song by da King himself at least from m point of view.. brings out all bass tones and true quality of his voice.

4. Sebuah Kisah Klasik by Sheila on 7
~ It was used in a montage during the closing ceremony of our month long Mgmt Training Program.. in Terengganu.. i guess da song selection was rite with all da photos in B&W flashing showing our activities.. nostalgia..

5. Little Darlin by The Diamons
~ Can't really describe it.. you have to listen to either hate it or find it funny.. but i like it.

6? Dia by Cokelat
~ Harmonically assuring.. a feel good song..

five) Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why.
~ as u can clearly c.. ther r only 3 ppl in the link on da right.. below is da reason why..

Apza - Juz got acquainted 2 years back at work place.. studied at da same uni but nvr crossed due to diff faculty.. even though he's in da sam cecipanz group.. i'm curious to know what type of music u listen to?

- known way back while studing at uni.. i know da music tat he likes but dude.. time to update ur blog laa..

Yang - Len.. ur name Laydiefa dah pilih.. Yang ko kena tulun aku.. dah xde sape nieh...

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Lenny said...

hehehhe... u kene paksa Yang tulis... ari2 sampai opis call dier pastuh suh dier tulis.. hahaha.. email dier lagik pastuh.. sampai dier tension... hahaha.. yeslah!