Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheap International Calls at Phone Cards Avenue

Telephone nowadays is a necessity, whether it is over a fixed or wireless network. While local calls are getting cheaper, International calls is still charged at a premium rate as the rates are beyond a local telecommunication company’s control. As workaround solution we have an alternative such as communicating through the Internet, however it lacks that intuitive feeling of picking up the phone and talking to the other person in real time.

Well, fret no more over that expensive International call bill at the end of the month. Now you can feel free to pick up that phone and make an International call with an advent of cheap Prepaid Phone Cards providers such as Phone Cards Avenue. This company makes its easier for us to find the best possible rate to a call destination using cheap prepaid phone cards. Phone Card Avenue provides the best online phone cards solution for International and long distance calls. You can save up to 95% of your call charges by using the phone cards.

Phone Cards Avenue website itself makes it easy for us to find the best rates by country. Just select from the drop-down list your country and all Phone Cards available will be displayed. Malaysia for example, the lowest rate is at 6 cents per minute; which is dirt cheap for an International call. Apart from the rates, Phone Card Avenue also provides some ratings on the Phone Card’s; Call Quality, Billing and its Connection performance.

As this is an online phone card service provider, you will do all this in the comfort of your home. No more going out to 7-Elevens to buys calling cards or wait at night or early morning just to catch that slightly cheaper rate from your Telco. Take control of your phone bills and make calls whenever you want at the cheapest rate. Head over to Phone Cards Avenue now to find the best rate for your country.

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