Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get Listed in a Web Directory

The Internet is a good medium for businesses to reach and market its product and services. Today there are thousands upon thousands of business websites out there to compete with globally. Getting a good page rank is essential to be on top of page search results which provide your website more visibility to potential customers. This is substantially true for small, medium or new businesses promoting its product over the net.

Traditionally you would promote your business website offline in your company business cards, local flyers, newspapers, magazines, radio and etc; banking for people to go to your website. All is good, accept you can’t track its effectives directly and involves major costs.

An alternative is to get your business website listed in a web directory. What better way to do that other than DirMania; which is one of the strongest free business web directory, providing quality free web directory advertising. Having your business website listed in a web directory will increase your page rank and visibility as this website is also search engine friendly.

Getting your website listed at DirMania is easy and fast. Just submit your business website details to them and if everything checks out, your business website will be listed in the web directory within 24 hours. To learn more or to get your business website listed, visit

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