Thursday, April 17, 2008

Malaysian Driving

I know this is a topic that we commonly know and experience from day-in and day-out. I've been on Malaysian roads for quite some time to express my opinion that attitude of a Malaysian driver has become from bad to worse. We have become so inconsiderate, law breakers and violent; we even have the cheeks to be mad or argue when clearly they are in the wrong or breaking the rule.

Take an example just for today, with the limited hours on the road; I have witnessed:
  • 3 accidents, 2 on the road and one gone into a river
  • 5 drivers driving while the traffic lights are red
  • 2 drivers driving through a no entry or the opposite direction of a one way street
  • 2 drivers driving through a red light at a pedestrian crossing
  • numerous people not stopping at a zebra crossing
  • uncountable numbers of speeding
  • changing lanes or turning at a junction without signaling
  • reckless driving
I read Readers Digest article on the Ranking of the Worse Drivers (attitude) in the world approximately 6 years back; Malaysia ranked fifth in Asia. By today if the study was conducted again, I would think we could be ranked the first. As at that time, Philippines drivers was at the top spot and the way the author put it; it describes the way we drive today.

Children witnessing their parents breaking the law on the road, what would they think about that? It should be ok as the parents did i, excellent example to the children. Do you have no shame? The authorities not doing their job enforcing the law prolonging over the years, this is what it has become. People no longer respect the law nor the authorities, do you have no shame?

It is a sad sight to see and a heartache of how bad things had become. Worse of all, if you think beyond the driving; in my opinion it reflects our attitude, discipline level and our principles in life. I love this country and that is why I express my dissatisfaction and grief here as clearly the government is not doing anything significant to rectify this social ill. I wonder what kind of leader or society will we have in another 10 years time?


Anonymous said...

and the thing is, the reckless drivers and law breaker always have family or kids in the same car.

First, i don't think they love their family that much (maybe nak suruh cepat mampus so diorang boleh kawin lain agaknye)..

Second, they are indirectly teaching their children to drive just like them. I can't help it but to relate the drivers themselves to their parents; because macam tu la jugak mak bapak diorang drive, tu pasal la anak dia drive macam tu.

Lenny said...

i disagree, tak seme org jadik bad just because ur parents are bad... it's the life you choose no matter how much your parents try to put it in your brain... but it's just you.

my parents and my in laws are not reckless drivers, but somehow my husband does. same thing applies... try to find something your parents did best but u did worse... or.. your parents did worse but u did best..

it's just not right to blame it to the parents... coz i think it is you who decide.