Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PC Fair 2008 Aftermath

PC Fair 2008 in Kuala Lumpur just passed over the weekend and its the usual scene. The place was overly crowded and not much of a showcase. Prices are cheap, but not much if compared to purchasing it at Low Yat Plaza on normal days. If it ain't urgent, just buy at the shop.

As I have a list of things to buy, this year I went for the fair 2 days in a row. Day 1 was on Friday, a working day and I can only go after office hours. Since there's not much time left till closing at 9pm; day 1 is dedicated to survey the products and prices. Oh! day 1 also is the day to buy cheap back issue magazines before they're sold out.

Day 2 on Saturday was for shopping!! This year really did the damage; bought some RAMs, antivirus softwares, power bricks and LCD monitors. Notice the 's', bought not 1 but 2 power bricks and LCD monitors. And the ridiculous layout and flow rule of the PC Fair from the year before is still there. I was puffing, huffing and stopped several times just to get out of the exhibition hall through the "designated exit".

This flow rule is to ensure that every hall is visited especially the main sponsors. Going 2 days straight, I find it very troublesome as I wanted to go to hall 4 out of 5. Exit also the same as mentioned, luckily there was the gurlfriend who helped me to carry the power bricks. In Singapore IT Fair, you are free to enter and exit at any of its entrance. Which makes it very practical if you suddenly decided to get that "item" that wanted directly in and out.

Oh well, as much I compare and complaint; I still go to Malaysia PC Fair and buy stuffs. It's a guy attraction thing I suppose, being around all those gadgets. Also we did bump into Shook and his brother at the fair.

p/s : My unluckiness hits twice as of today; One of the LCD monitor I've bought has a dead pixel, after getting a replacement yesterday' again there was also a dead pixel. Trying to get it changed again tomorrow.

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Lenny said...

erm.. tak sempat pegi... takperla.. beli je kat low yat...