Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Unexpected Find

I just love gadgets and handphones naturally tops the list. Since the introduction of Samsung Blackjack in the US (end 2006), I was captivated by its sleek design and the numerous connectivity options. I read loads of reviews and joined few forums just to know more on its features and get an insight as when will this smartphone arrive to our shores.

In the following year; early 2007, we had our first of tri-annual PC Fairs and I must say that the event marketing sure did it’s work as I found my way there 3 years in a row. I actually went to find a backpack for my (back then) new laptop, when I was unexpectedly lured to a Samsung booth. It was not due to the pretty Samsung Girls, but to something I’ve been craving for months; Yes! You’ve guess it right, the Blackjack!!

Over here evidently, they called it Samsung SGH-i600 and it bears one additional connectivity option which is WiFi on top of HSDPA and Bluetooth. I wasn’t expecting it to be here for at least a couple of months, in fact; I haven’t started saving for it. Package includes the phone, 2 batteries, 1Gb micro SD memory, Bluetooth earpiece and 18 months warranty; outside the event, package doesn’t comes with the Bluetooth earpiece which retails for RM150. I was hooked on the offer and swiped that good old credit card.

If memory serves me right that’s not the only damage of the day, apart from the phone, I’ve also purchased a backpack for my notebook, memory keys and notebook RAM; all "on offer". This frenzy sure cleaned my wallet for a few months. Currently the phone has been updated with Windows Mobile version 6 and working flawlessly. I heard that there is a new and improved model just launched and the event marketing has already sent out invites. Guess where I will be in 11th till 13th April 2008?

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Anonymous said...

haih.. dah tengok ke-best-an Singapore IT Show pun ada selera lagi nak gi KL PC Fair.. :D

ni la dia boypuwen i.. ok la friday after work, see you at KLCC. You decide dinner!
yeay terlepas :P

kL said...

hmm.. sempat ke nak dinner ni..