Wednesday, April 09, 2008

PC Fair 2008

How time flies, I haven't written about the Singapore IT Show which I went to last month now comes along Malaysia's PC Fair 2008. To be more precise, this years PC Fair will be held at the same venue Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (for Klang Valley) and will commence this Friday till Sunday (11th - 13th April 2008).

The PC Fair which usually held twice a year; for past 3 years I've been at least once a year. The thing I look forward most to during a PC Fair are the cheap computing and technology back issues magazines. Other than that I do not bother to go if there isn't anything that I wish to purchase.

The reason I said it that way is because, PC Fair in Malaysia is quite bland, crowded and boring. Their modes operandi maintains the same every year without improvement to the exhibits. Everybody is selling the same thing and at a 'Promotional' price and there is introduction of new technology due to the minimal participation of big IT companies. For a change, I would very much like to see the latest gadgets, technology or even some prototypes for a peek to the future.

Oh well.. I don't see it happening any sooner. Even after saying that, I'm still going this year as I have a list of items to buy; software & hardware. Give me buzz if you're there also :)


Anonymous said...

i think for the past 2 and half years, we went to EVERY pc fair event. except once you went alone because i went to lumut. :D

kL said...

yup :)